Political Transformation Essay Example for Your Inspiration

Published: 2019-09-16
Political Transformation Essay Example for Your Inspiration
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How the nature of political transformation has shifted between the 18th and 20thcenturies

The transformation of the political nature shift between the 18th and 19th century mainly emerged as a result of the Quasi-War which happened between the year 1798 and 1800. This was an undeclared war which was between the United States and the French army and it mainly named as the Franco-America War. After the war, the United States were able to get back their Louisiana land from the French colonialists. In the year 1812 to 1815, the United States was also involved in the war with the British Empire. After this war which was known as the battle of New Orleans, the American government concurred the British army and a Missouri compromise agreement was reached to help end the slavery in the United States.

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Between the 1849 and 1865 years, the civil war was experienced. The civil war mission was to eliminate the differences in the different approach of the governments state, economy, social issues and also slavery. After this war, a civil world was experienced where people were able to exercise their civil rights. An Economic freedom was also experienced in by all nations across the world and also politics became more civil. The historic information shows how politics have transformed in from the 18th century to the 20th century. History shows that there was no political freedom in the 18th century but this has changed with time wherein the 19th and 20th century there is a political freedom. In the 20th-century people have been able to have and also follow their own political views.

The political nature in the 18th and also early 19th century was mainly based on dictatorship and monopoly where kings and colonialists governed countries political and economical state according to their personal views. However, this political nature has shifted over time where politics in the present civil world is based on democracy where people can express their own political views freely. The nature of the politics in the 18th century was also mainly based on wars where different empires and countries had to engage in war before getting into an agreement. This political nature has changed over years to the present century where different countries and governments hold civil meetings and also peace talks which help them to get into an agreement peacefully.

Compare and Contrast the Process of Political Transformation

There has been a huge political transformation over the years in politics since the 18th and 20th century. The 18th-century constitutions favored only certain people country regions based on their wealth and also resources. History shows that wealthy people had more constitutional rights compared to people who were not wealthy. An example of this would be the voting right where only the rich people could be allowed by the constitution to vote but over years, there have been various constitutional reforms what have allowed all people to exercise their rights in voting. The 18th constitutions were also gender biased where they favored mainly the male gender.

History shows that in the 18th-century women were not allowed to vote or to be involved in the law making or in politics but constitutional reforms over years have allowed women to be involved in politics and also in the making of laws. The regime has also changed from the 18th century to the 19th century. Most of the 18th-century regimes were authoritative and deprived citizens from freedom. The 18th regimes also enforced people into slavery and forced labor with low wages. An example is the French and British governments which have the most historic event of enslaving countries under a forced colony. However, these political regimes have changed over years to the 20th century where the regimes have been replaced with democratic governments. The democratic governments have allowed people to exercise their political freedom and also the free will of their citizens.

Choose one example from each period and discuss the ideological origins, the mechanism of change, and the consequences of each one.

One of the historic examples is the 1849-1848 civil wars. The ideological origin of this war was mainly due to political, economical and civil differences on various countries mainly the Britain, France and the United States. These three different countries had various different differences mainly relating to civil rights and also the economy. The civil war helped to advance on political reforms, civil rights and also to attain an economical balance in the 18th century to the present century. A major reform of the constitution happened where people were allowed have a civil freedom and also political free will.

This constitutional reform also hugely contributed to the elimination of slavery mostly in the United States where it was intense. The reformed economical balance also helped to various countries to become independent on their own economies. The civil war also helped to eliminate the monopoly of regimes that oppressed the citizens of their countries during the war.

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