Marketing Essay Example about SM Scanning and Finding Markets for Their Service

Published: 2022-04-13
Marketing Essay Example about SM Scanning and Finding Markets for Their Service
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Question 1

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How SM Scanning might have gone about finding markets for their service

According to the case study, the two brothers anchored clear ideas on both market segment and analysis. Therefore, their market ideas were aligned to the two through the application of the futurist's coupled with the trend banks which helped in the creation of the business vision. Other means through which SM scanning might have gone finding a market for their services is based on the following. The first is based on understanding the business niche. Even though Jake and Sam understood the issue, it was not properly addressed considering that they had a specific target which was based on the small and medium companies. They should have also included the big companies to acquire a larger market. The other issue was for SM Scanning to conduct proper market research. The research was going to allow SM to know how to navigate through the big companies. It was out of improper research that the feedback received touched on the existence of large companies in the market and few small players suggesting the insignificance of the overall market.

Question 2

Other issues faced by SMS and other help of consulting projects which one may suggest

Some of the issues faced by SMS include the lack of potential customers in both small and the medium companies. Their closeness to the real market triggers the situation. The other issue is based on the aspect of market diversity, where the scanning company may align its activities with the solution which are tailored. The situation would also cause difficulty when it comes to data provided to every client. The next issue is on the information generated from the social media. Such information is likely to be generically characterized with the client views being focused on particular areas.

The help or type of consulting project one would suggest is based Jake and Sam focusing on addressing the market gap or niche and concentrating their efforts in providing quality services. They can decide on providing research which is case-based instead of one which is of an input nature. One may also suggest to Jake and Sam to consider doing consultancy on a case to case framework instead of the offering software that has data and strategy.

Question 3

The proposal on how I may help as a consultant

I would offer a proposal to SM Scanning which is premised upon realizing both efficacy and success in operation. The proposal would include, SM Scanning to divert focus to the middle ranged organizations which are already settled in the market. They should also consider both time and money in making decisions about their business goals and strategies. It is also important for both Jake and Sam to use their knowledge in developing good presentation while marketing their services to other organizations and companies. The duo should also consider the benefit of cost-effective services. They may offer such services to different domain organizations with the objective of attracting those organizations whose range are at the middle level. Seeking for other people's opinion may also help the company realize its goal. The opinions will help Jake and Sam acquire new and fresh ideas needed for business operation. Lastly, I would propose for Jake and Sam also to consider selling their services through advertisement mechanisms coupled with good presentation. The advertisements will attract the number of customers and market the company further.

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