Essay Sample on Innovating and Creating the Packaging. Patagonia

Published: 2023-03-14
Essay Sample on Innovating and Creating the Packaging. Patagonia
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Packaging is one of the current entrepreneurial advances that are penetrating all zones of business corridors of the world. The need to generate new policing ideas in this sector has been on the rise as many sales companies are running to use packaging containers that harmless to the environment. The complexity of the creation and supply of these packages makes it impossible for a single company to run or manage the process. Therefore, there is a need for a collaborative and conjunction in creating biodegradable and reusable packages. Patagonia realized that, for them to achieve their vision of coming up with a practical solution, they have to join hand with other visionary companies. This means providing ready capitals to such companies will build the renewable products sector more effectively (Beckman et al., 2019; 2 &12).

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The apparel transitional idea was driven to help most of the local businesses that were dealing in manufacturing and hardware industries. Under the concept generated by Chouinard, it was thought to help these small-scale businesses to produce reusable packages because this kind of trade was imposing a sense of danger to the surrounding. From this idea, Patagonia has taken its place in the world's economy in providing materials that almost harmless to the environment. They are the pioneer (1993) in implementing the recycling technique in the clothing industry, specifically by recycling polyester. The implementation enabled the company to reduce wastage of the material used alongside a reduction in the usage of energy (Beckman et al., 2019; 3).

Packaging design and use in Patagonia

The company can team up with several relevant companies build multiple choices of renewable packages that are friendlier to the environment. Some of the influenced innovative ideas by Patagonia are; good food wrap that was invented by USDA research team to help in wrapping food staff. It was made from proteins obtained from milk to take the place of non-decomposable plastic bags. They proved that this kind of casing was effective five hundred times than that of plastic; plastic six-pack rings were replaced by a dot of sticky glue that could be peeled off by the consumer; the introduction of tea bags to replace wraps was another achievement made by Numi tea farm among other inventories (Beckman et al., 2019; 14-15).

Providing a linkage in the supply chain of products via factories that have some of the products will reduce the usage of these nonrenewable seals. This will make it easy for factories that do not have ready tools to manufacture or make their renewable packages to meet their customer needs without failure. Promoting and supporting rising innovations is also crucial in redesigning packaging industry. Teamwork also helps in curbing one common challenge pollute packages (Beckman et al., 2019; 14-15).

Consumers and their place in the packaging supply chain

Not even a single business could run without support from the esteemed customers. Company will expand and fall based the consumers respond. To enhance its connection with its customers, they have employed the rule of selling what the customer needs. Instead of getting a complaint from the customer against packaging their products with nonrenewable containers, they decided to implement new ideas to help improve on the same (page 13). This indication proves that customer satisfaction is a crucial factor while programing to deliver or manufacture any product.

The need to solve the packaging solution before late is very significant. Cities and homes of tomorrow need to be free from pollution resulting from the subjected containers and seals from used in packaging their daily usage products. The future of today's children depends solely on the current innovations that are going shape the world's environment. A clean environment is a safe home. A safe home is an improved consumers' safety; thus, more companies will enjoy selling their goods and products without any complaints.


Beckman, S. et al. (2019). Patagonia - Closing the Loop on Packaging Pollution. University of California

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