Paper Example: Performance Improvement Program Evaluation Logic Model

Published: 2023-04-24
Paper Example: Performance Improvement Program Evaluation Logic Model
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Based on the low production performance of the organization, the organization's results have reduced hence the revenue has also been impacted as a result of due to lack of the necessary resources will aid in operation. Therefore, the factors influencing the organization's performance and productivity include resources such as funding, task scheduling, equipment availability, and people with the necessary knowledge. This paper aims at providing a proposed program evaluation logic model that will help in solving this problem of low organization performance.

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Logic model

Organization performance improvement program evaluation logic model

Resources. Activities. Outputs. Short-& Long-term outcomes. Impacts.

Funding. There is a need for resources such as money which will help in funding the projected and funding training of the leadership team so that they have the necessary skills on the way to carry out the operations of the organization using the new technology

The engagement of leadership teams in the training will enable them to lead the subordinates in the organization day to day activities using the new machines.

This will aid in improving the performance gradually which will increase the revenue of the organization in 1 to 3 years and 4 to 5 years

The production cost of the organization will be low this is due to the availability of the necessary skill which is required to operate the machines hence saving time and improving productivity.

Task schedule

  • Equipment's. This will involve creating schedules of how the task will be tackled to perform the right job at the right time as specified.
  • Machines are an aid to carry out the task assigned to them to give the results.
  • This will result in the necessary activities being performed at the specified timeframe thus making the necessary progression that will result in attainment of the result expected.
  • Assigning the team with the necessary machines helps them to perform This will enable the leadership team to note what is expected of subordinates, when and the result they are supposed to meet at the end of the scheduled time.
  • They save time hence increasing the productivity of the organization's leadership team.
  • Production of desired output will increase since wastage is reduced

Productivity efficiency

People's knowledge. They are individuals who are supposed to carry out the necessary organizational operation. The individuals with the necessary skills are evaluated so that those with the right skills should be involved with operations Employment of individuals with the right skills and usually for a long-term contract. Detailed Outcomes

The performance of the firms is affected by several resources. Therefore, necessary actions must be taken into consideration to solve the problem of organizational performance. Funding the organization's activities, task schedule, and availability of equipment and people with necessary skills impacts the outcomes of the organization. With the availability of resources, it affects the organization's outcomes for both the short term and long term. For instance, the performance of the organization increases gradually. Therefore, this affects the organization's performance in 1 to 3 years and 4 to 6 years which is measured in terms of the profits gained. Time-bound allows the organization to meet the objectives in a stated schedule. Also, the use of the necessary equipment enables the individuals to perform well hence the types of equipment for instance use of new machine innovation increases productivity since people have the necessary resources that they need to perform. Finally, the employment of the individuals with the knowledge they require to perform and operate the day-to-day activities of the organization impacted the outcome of the organization in a short and long-term contract. Thus resources are vital in the operation of the firm and improve on the efficiency of the organization hence more gains which are as a result of improved performance of the firm.

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