Free Essay on How Physics Is Related to Our Real Life

Published: 2022-09-12
Free Essay on How Physics Is Related to Our Real Life
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Physics is important in our real life since everything that we use depend on its principles. Physics allows us to use computers and the internet. Without it, nothing would function as it does currently. Physics plays a significant role in how we live every day. It is applied in the transportation of people and merchandizes. Understanding physics allows people to create planes that can be able to fly. In the past, people did not think that something would be able to operate and carry them and their belongings from one place to another though the air. Today people enjoy thousands of planes that are made of massive pieces of metal that take them through the sky around the world on a daily basis. Airplanes are created in such a way to allow lifting and forward momentum. Engineers manipulate physics to create lift through the wing shape in aircraft as well as its wings angle. These features help to change the airflow and allow the plane to move with speed and sustain itself in the sky. Cars and trains use the wheel which enables them to move in steady motion. Newton's law is applied in transport where mechanical force, acceleration, action, reaction and inertia principles enable movement and stoppage of vehicles (Bressan, 2014).

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Football is an excellent example of how physics is applied in daily life. The branch of physics that is relevant to football is mechanics. Mechanics is the study of force and its sources. Motion is involved in football in the delivery of the ball through the air, players in the field and when stopping the runners. Watching the game could teach someone some basic concepts of physics. When a ball is placed on the grass, it stays in that place since it is in zero motion. Consequently, when the ball is thrown, it moves with speed in the direction it has been thrown. However, the speed continues to decline as the ball moves due to the friction force that acts on the ball in the opposite direction to its motion. Additionally, when the quarterback throws the ball, it flies high in the direction it is thrown, and it will move with speed based on the force that is applied to it. Newton's first law indicates that if no other force acts on the ball, it will precede travel until other forces inhibit its movement. However, real-life experience suggests that the ball would not endure to travel in the air using the equal velocity. Other forces affect the speed of the ball such as gravity. When the ball carrier has the same momentum as the tackler, they are likely to stop when they are in contact. When the ball carrier has a greater momentum, he is expected to knock the tackler back and break the tackle.

A football player can also apply physics to through the ball in a manner that the competitors cannot catch it. This would require the person to determine the right angle to apply force so that the ball can move as he expects. Using the second law of motion by Newton is that its mass and acceleration determine an objects force (Bressan, 2014). Therefore, acceleration of a ball depends on the force that is applied to it as well as the mass of the ball. Physics is consequently crucial in our daily life since it is involved even in fun activities like football which we may not think it applies.


Bressan, B. (2014). From physics to daily life: Applications in informatics, energy, and environment.

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