Free Essay. How Long Do You Typically Wait to Be Seated?

Published: 2023-04-11
Free Essay. How Long Do You Typically Wait to Be Seated?
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My favorite hotel is the Marriott Hotel. It has the best services suitable for my interests. I get seated as soon as I enter the hotel room and enjoy the warm and homely pleasure of the hotel environment. There are a variety of mouth-watering meals served according to the customer's taste and preference (Marriott Hotels, 2019).

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How long do you typically wait to have your order taken once seated?

The servers are always alert and ready to take the customers' orders once they are seated. Little time is wasted from the moment the customers enter the hotel room, and the moment their order is taken for preparation. The server reminds customers of daily specials. They also assist customers by recommending suitable meals for individual needs (Marriott International, 2020).

How long does it ordinarily take after you have ordered before you get to eat?

The typical waiting time for the customer to receive their order is about five minutes. Meanwhile, the customer is served appetizers to keep them busy while waiting for the main meal to get ready (Marriott Hotels, 2020). The whole process is very quick because the hotel has put in place the necessary technology to automate basic activities and give the human force more convenient work to complete. As a result, everything runs smoothly, quickly, and systematically.

Does the restaurant provide free appetizers, such as bread or chips?

The hotel provides free appetizers such as bread and chips, to encourage customers to order more drinks (Marriott Hotels, 2020). The free appetizers also enable customers to relax while their orders are being prepared.

Name the top three reasons you like this restaurant so much. Be specific.

The most notable three reasons why I like this restaurant are as follows. First, the restaurant has courteous and hospitable servers who make customers feel welcome and highly valued. As soon as you enter the restaurant, your heart lightens with the joyful smiles of the servers ready to receive you (Marriott Bonvoy, 2020). They greet you warmly, introduce themselves, and help you get whatever you want. Second, the servers are well-educated and experienced in multiple languages. Customers do not have to know the English language to enjoy services at the restaurant. The multi-linguistic servers in this premise keep all guests informed and ensure lively interaction with them using the language which the customer understands best (Marriott International, 2020). There is no language barrier. Third, the restaurant is strategically located close to major shopping malls, highways, and other recreational centers, making it easy to access those facilities when the customer wishes to do so (Marriott Hotels, 2020).

Marriott Hotel and Restaurant are rated 5 for excellent customer service and hospitality.


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