How English Can Influence a Student's Future Career - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-05-14
How English Can Influence a Student's Future Career - Essay Sample
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English is one of the most spoken languages across the world. People often learn some basics in English as they grow to make future communication easier. Language is an essential requirement in attempting to inquire about information, and the process is made easier when one can communicate with a commonly used language such as English. Therefore, it is essential to know how to communicate in English in whatever profession students choose to pursue. There is an array of future career benefits for one to learn English, including offering ways to explore international career opportunities, traveling, and excellent work relations with international clients.

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Some of the jobs in the market require one to speak English. For instance, becoming a professional pilot requires that one learns how to speak English. This fact proves the point by Pandey and Pandey that English is the most used language in the world (94). English helps build self-confidence in such careers that need extensive interaction with people. Studying English helps in acquiring better employment skills, building self-confidence, and improving communication skills. When students study English, they become well equipped for different job opportunities.

Leaning the English language helps students to be competitive in their future career field. The modern global job market majorly uses English as the primary language. Clear communication in English helps one standout in job interviews. In most cases, interviewers quickly judge based on first impression-this includes the way a person communicates. Additionally, most business contracts are written in English; therefore, a clear understanding of this language gives a person a better comprehension making them efficient in their work. Excellent comprehension of the English language is vital in providing students a competitive advantage in their future careers.

According to Pandey and Pandey, English is a language of the cooperate world (94). It will be much easier for a student to take steps in the management ladder if they can speak fluently in English. Students can express brilliant ideas in the future, thus increasing their productivity. The ones who communicate in proper English can get credits for the work they put into getting their concept running. In their future careers, students will be able to use English for purposes such as group discussions, oral presentations, and writing letters.

Since the career field is full of individuals from different academic levels, qualifications, and nationalities, there is a need to have mastery of the standard Language to meet the highly ethnic sensitive environment. Knowing the English language is necessary for students since the career field possess diverse personalities along with various responsibilities. According to Pandey and Pandey, English opens the mind about cultures and perspectives, thus allowing the students to understand the difficulty in communicating in other languages (96). Additionally, studying English will help the students understand other employees in the job market with accents, thus allowing them to appreciate others who speak it as their second language. The English language can help students to appreciate diversity and understand the importance of many cultures in the career world.

Learning English also influences a student's career by offering them opportunities to study in countries that speak English. For example, an English speaking student can attend university in an English speaking country. For instance, a person born in Asia and studied English can be given a chance to attend university in the USA and pursue a degree in subjects such as Engineering. Such a student can then have a high and stable qualified career in their field of study and acquire work in the United States. Thus, learning the most commonly used language such as English increases the student's chance of attaining suitable employment in these countries that speak English.

The knowledge of English equips learners with practical analytical and problem-solving skills. Aforementioned, English provides learners with practical managerial skills such as proem solving and decision making. Therefore, with the growth of companies and their demand for competent professionals, students who study English secure themselves a higher chance of landing into careers in the future. Through globalization, the world has shrunk into a small place that needs more interaction of people. The skills taught in the English language are, therefore, crucial in the modern job market where people interact more professionally (Houghton et al. 13). Thus, learning English clears the path for career development by adding students more necessary skills in communication that are required for professional work.

English opens a world of new opportunities. When students learn English, they can easily take up a job with a new airline or in the film industry where they travel and explore more significant parts of the world. In cases where one is supposed to travel too often in different countries, then English can be used as a universal language for communication. In jobs that entail a lot of traveling, employers most times take candidates who speak fluent English. Therefore, English affects a student's career through the presentation of new great opportunities in diverse countries.

In conclusion, learning English is essential for students who wish to grow in their careers. Some important jobs in the world require people who are fluent in English. Additionally, learning English improves one's competitiveness in the career market. This is because English is a cooperative language used in business-related activities such as contracts. Students who learn English as a second language can gain employment in other English speaking countries. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to learn the English language because it provides multiple opportunities in the future career world.

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