Housing Crisis - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-11-25
Housing Crisis - Free Essay Example
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Housing and Neighborhood Services represents a current public crisis that is affecting thousands of Americans (City of Charlotte Government). The source elaborates on the concepts and ways through which the City of Charlotte is flexing its muscle to help meet the increasing housing demand. Nevertheless, the housing program has skyrocketed over the past years, making it cumbersome for ordinary citizens to afford the house.

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The source was obtained from government website records, making it one of the authentic and reliable sources. Moreover, the source does not portray any sense of bias, but rather tables the grievances of the locals on the one hand, while on the other hand, the source elaborates the elements that have inflated the pricing of the houses. The source is more recent, incorporating research and statistics from 2013 to 2017 growth rate of housing, making it one of the reliable sources in the research.

COVID-19 Will Worsen Charlotte's Affordable Housing Crisis

The source elaborates on the current COVID-19 global crisis and how it has affected the Charlotte Affordable housing program. With more than a million citizens in North Carolinian's filing for unemployment, the pandemic has put the housing program beyond the reach for many Americans (Lindstrom). The source was obtained from a credible news website that elaborates on current affairs affecting civilians.

One of the strategies used to determine the relevancy of the sources was its year of publication, as well as the topic covered by the author. In this case, the topic covered by the author regarding the Charlotte Housing crisis depicts how the current global pandemic is slowly affecting the affordability of the houses, with more North Carolinian citizens filing for unemployment. This step depicts the reduced number of eligible tenants ready to occupy little houses.

Keywords such as North Carolinian, COVID-19, and Charlotte Housing crisis, were among the relevant terms that were used to search and determine the relevancy of the source. COVID-19, which represented a global pandemic, positively affected the entire project, making it one of the variables that are affecting the housing program.

The Story Behind

The article incorporates statistical analysis and historical background on how the Charlotte housing program began, and how it is slowly feeding off without proper accomplishment of its 1960s promise. As Kelley observed, the City began the expansion phase in 1960, where much of the blacks' homes, deemed to be outdated, were targeted for demolition and replacing them with new units. Despite the City undertaking the demolition activity, much of the blacks' homes have not been entirely replacing.

The source relies heavily on statistical analysis, incorporated with historical background, which helps to give a comprehensive overview of the Charlotte housing crisis. Through this, it becomes easier to understand how the project began, as well as the progress of the project.

Charlotte Journalism Collaborative

The article outlines the problem of the housing shortage as a crisis created by the City's success. The rapid growth of the City has not met the increasing demand of the house units required to cater to every citizen. As a result, this has skyrocketed the scarce commodity that has been on development at a foot-dragging pace.

The article has outlined the skyrocketing house expense, as most of the residents are forced to pay more than 50% of their income to cater for their monthly rent. The article elucidates historical changes and how the rent has risen by more than 45% since 2010 (Charlotte Journalism Collaborative). These statistical figures provide an overview on how the Charlotte housing crisis is swelling night and day, putting the houses beyond the reach for ordinary citizens.


Finally, here are the decisions that led to the Charlotte housing crisis, which has put the affordable housing plan beyond the reach for many low-income citizens. The story covered in the article has been compiled by a different organization, as a means of affirming its authenticity and credibility. The use of phrases such as "We Can't Afford to Live Here," are among the key terms that have been used to facilitate the results when searching for the article. Thus, it becomes easier to obtain the desired article when using search terms.

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