Paper Example. The Need for Health System That Creates Value in the United States

Published: 2023-07-23
Paper Example. The Need for Health System That Creates Value in the United States
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Healthcare values are the quality of services received concerning the amount of money paid. People want to know, with a given outcome, how much they are spending on that service (Tsevat & Moriates, 2018). The cost of medical services in the United States is among the highest in the world. Health service providers in the United States now demand money for any service offered. Thus, there is a need for the current health models to transform into quality and efficiency for a fee. The move shall go a long way in ensuring that health professionals emphasize care values rather than money for quality. It is particularly important to underline importance due to the surging high budget for health services.

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A health system that creates value ensures that everybody has access to affordable primary and essential health care. Accessibility to affordable universal care ensures value gets achieved since the medical benefit is always derived from a patient's point of view (DiGioia III & Greenhouse, 2016). Patients view the medicinal value in terms of how easy and affordable it is to get a specific service. Therefore transformation into a health system that creates value makes it possible to achieve universal health care.

The massive budget of the federal government healthcare calls for checks and measures in medical services. The budget checks assist in ensuring the health budgets do not go up without having value addition attached to it. When such a policy takes effect, health service providers shall become competitive in offering value when treating patients. Hence, there is a need to put checks and measures to reduce the government budget on health (DiGioia III & Greenhouse, 2016).

Another reason why the United States ought to transform into a healthcare system that creates value is to hold people accountable and responsible for their health. Since many people take their health lightly knowing the government shall pay for the medical bills. Since the value is all about an outcome, the government needs to hold people and medical service providers accountable for the result before it pays for the services. The move to encourage a health system that creates value shall go a long way in ensuring evidenced-based standard practices that foster consistency, and quality while keeping the cost of medication low.


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