Homesickness - Personal Experience Essay Example

Published: 2019-12-10
Homesickness - Personal Experience Essay Example
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Beginning life at the college naturally generates excitement and anxiety equally. This is as a result of meeting new people, new academic responsibilities and new geographic location. For some, this nervousness is quickly overcome as they adapt to the new environment. Myself I found the transition taking long and eventually it led to anxiety, minor physical ailment and obsessive thoughts about home. This feeling of anxiety due to change of either academic responsibility or geographic location is known as homesickness. The aim of this essay is to address various reasons that made me feel homesick.

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The distance from home is one of the factors that contributed to my homesickness. The fact is that humans find it difficult to adjust to a new environment and it was not different for myself. I often felt that I had lost what is familiar, comfortable and predictable, such as people, places and the routines I was used to, it made me feel insecure in the new environment. This resulted to lack of interest or involvement in the new surrounding and consequently homesickness.

After joining the college I found it difficult to accept change. This tendency of resisting change and holding on to familiar sequences widely contributed to homesickness. In addition, my resistance to change ensured I was unhappy when things were done different from my expectations. Thereafter, I started feeling isolated and lonely and eventually felt homesick.

When I joined the college the workload was by far much heavy than what I was used to. , The workload at the college level had increased as compared to the one in the high school. The effects of this heavy workload to me were low motivation, lack involvement in the new challenge, and eventually poor performance. Low motivation, lack of involvement and poor performance led to nervousness and anxiety which caused homesickness.

Before joining the college, I had no financial problems and even I did not know what financial stress was. In the college, financial issues were really a challenge to me. At times, I worked during part time in order to pay my bills. Comparing this to the past, where entirely everything was planned by the parents, I constantly thought about home. This was because at home I did not require to budget and strictly adhere to that budget to avoid financial constraints. This left me with no other option than missing home.

The decision to join the particular college I was in, was made by my parents. This contributed to homesick feeling. The decision was made due to other factors such as financial struggles. This always made me feel depressed and with low motivation to study or make friends. This fact hugely contributed to homesickness.

Contrasting lifestyles such as cultural diversity, sexual orientation and geographical difference, contributed to my homesickness. This was as a result of these factors making me feel different from others who are having a good time based on the above factors.

After I succeeded to join a college, I felt that I had achieved what I had worked hard for throughout my high school. This feeling led to the assumption that work was already done. This assumption resulted to relaxation and later homesickness.

In conclusion, homesickness is the anxiety brought about by change. The change is either academic or geographic among others. The causes of homesickness are distance from home, resistance to change, heavy workload, financial issues, decision making, contrasting lifestyles and sense of anticlimax.

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