Essay Sample Named My Parent's Divorce

Published: 2022-09-21
Essay Sample Named My Parent's Divorce
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At some point in life, one has to act in a way that may raise questions in society. However, the actions can be the source of joy and a turning point to another person's life. My parents could not get along for a long time, and they finally made a decision that remains the most important thing in my life. They got a divorce. Marriage dissolution is the process of terminating a marriage by canceling the legal duties of marriage thus cutting the bonds of matrimony between married couple under the rule of law of a particular country or state (Donahey, 2018). This paper discusses how my parent's divorce caused a happy life, made me independent and ready to face life challenges.

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My family is not well-off, and my parents were never on good terms. I could detect that something was wrong between my parents. They always quarreled and at times broke into a fight in which my mother was the one hurt. Whenever I was in their presence, and the chaos started, I always felt uneasy. I would wish that I had a happy life just like my friends. My father is a drunkard. The drama began when one night my father came home very late having spent a whole week outside and my mother questioned him. My father got angered by the question and beat my mother until he broke her limb, and we were sent to sleep outside. When all these were happening, I was in my tenth grade. My mother had to get a divorce for the benefit of her life and her children. The moment the dissolution was approved and my parents separated was the best event of my life. I knew though I might face many challenges without my father, I would not have sleepless nights of fear that my father might kill my mother. I was delighted that I would see my mother smile and I would be able to concentrate on my studies.

After the divorce, we moved from three to a one-bedroom apartment. At night and weekends, I spent most of my time with my mother helping her in the house chores. I got more attention from her than before. I realized that her marriage was stressing her and now she was happier. A happy parent means happy children; you cannot live in a tensed atmosphere and be free to express your views on anything. I was now free to even bond better with my young siblings. My mother would work hard enough to ensure that we had our daily bread.

Boys and girls mature and become independent depending on the responsibilities they have. According to Donahey (2018), when raised by a single parent, one is expected to shoulder more responsibilities than before. The responsibilities harden the person due to the daily ups and downs in the attempt to fulfill the roles. Its hardships make one accept them and realize that they are part of life and this contributes to flexibility and resilience. Apart from having more time with my mother and bonding well with my siblings, I became more responsible. Being the first born, I had to help perform all the house chores whenever my mother got late from the job. I had to ensure that my juniors do their homework and have taken their supper and at the same time ensure I finish my homework. I learned how to multitask, a skill that helps me even today in my career.

My parent's divorce also helped me learn money skills. I assisted my mother in setting the budget for every month. I knew that I should avoid impulse buying. I should buy only that which is necessary. My mother's salary was minimal to cater to the needs of my three siblings and myself. So, being the first born, I had to help my mother in all ways including ways for making money. I started selling small merchandise in our school with the consent of my head, and through this, I could pay my tuition fee. The money skills and the small business I was doing to support myself helped me to start my own company. All these happened because my parents divorced and I could no longer depend on my father. A child raised by a single parent because of divorce is stronger and has a better life. One will work hard to avoid facing the same challenges.

I also intend to start a non-governmental organization to help children who face the challenges I experienced. I understand that divorce has a strong influence on the life of young people. I have realized that the divorce rate in the USA and other countries is on the rise. Therefore, there is a need to focus on helping people who find themselves stuck in problems because of parenting issues. Moreover, divorced parents can be helped to cope with the stress and difficulties of raising children as single parents. Sometimes it is stressful to engage in court battles aimed to compel parents to cater for the needs of their children after divorce.

In some cases, children and parents get involved in dangerous behavior such as alcohol abuse and even prostitution. There is a need to inspire these people and to instill hope in their lives. My parent's divorce helps me to have a clear vision on how to deal with some of these issues that other people neglect.

Divorce makes one pass through so many challenges (Donahey, 2018). Most people think that separation causes suffering to children. Although this is partially true, the benefits are more than the disadvantages. It makes one stronger, responsible and happy. My parent's divorce served as a life-changing event in my life; I had to rise from my comfort zone and face real life. As a result of my parent's marriage dissolution, I am more responsible and now a manager of my company. I can relate well with all my stakeholders, a skill got from taking care of my siblings and the merchandise I used to sell when in high school. I got my first job after campus due to my ability to multi-task and perform my duties without being manned. Had my parents not divorced, I would have suffered psychologically, socially and even academically. So, the divorce served as the most critical and life-changing event in my life.


Donahey, K. (2018). Effects of divorce on children: The importance of intervention. The BYU undergraduate journal in psychology: vol.13: Iss.1, Article 3.

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