Essay Sample on Homeland Security - Methodological Approach

Published: 2019-10-15 19:49:38
Essay Sample on Homeland Security - Methodological Approach
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This case study primarily focuses on the different methodological approaches used to collect data. The research would use both the qualitative and quantitative approach of collection and analyzing of data for efficacy purposes in the analytical processes that would be involved. Homeland Security Act of 2003 stipulates some clear modus operandi that has been laid down in order to curtail all other possible heinous activities within the territorial influence of the U.S. These are the precautionary measures that the government has taken to see that its citizens are protected from the vicious acts carried out by the felons or those who do not want peace to prevail within the society. Using the quantitative approach, I would be compelled to indicate specific variables in each case.

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Dependent variables: School strikes, border conflicts, critical infrastructure, emergency preparedness, domestic and international intelligence.

Independent variable: Insecurity

The major phenomenon being investigated in this case is insecurity in the society. It is incumbent to note that all the criminal activities culminate to insecurity threat in the society. The scope of this would attempt to investigate the emergency preparedness, domestic and international intelligence and most importantly the border conflict. Domestic security is paramount and therefore this case attempts to assess its effectiveness in terms of implementation and the process that are putting in place to curb such cases. This is the reason as to why the department of security has been fully furnished to see to it that they step up the security in the States. It is in this view that this case study tries to evaluate the effectiveness of the process that are laid down by the security personnel, in the view of reinstating security in the society. As such, it would use some different pedagogical criteria to determine its reliability and validity making some correlations of the situations for that matter. Moreover, some parallelism of the criteria is to be devised in order to religiously evaluate the homeland security under the indicated variables and the specified parameters of each.

Targeted Group in Survey

I would carry out empirical survey to ascertain the critical details of security. This implies that I would prepare fully to visit those Departments that deal with security in order to collect relevant and pertinent information related to security. My survey would be divided into two; first, I would try to interview a group of security personnel approximately 70 in number so as to get efficient and reliable information. The second group would target the citizens but most importantly the teachers. The number of teachers to be interviewed would be approximately 45.

Efficacy of Research

My research is aimed at evaluating the security measures in school set-ups. This is geared towards realizing 95% credible result that can be used even at latter stage by the security agents to make some corrective measures, where loopholes are evident. Additionally, I would synchronize different approaches of collections of data such as the use of questionnaire and interview. Similarly, the initial data showing the security level in the state would be very useful. This information would be sourced from the Department of security, as they are the main custodian of such documents indicating the level of security in a particular area. Summarily, I suppose having collected my data from 115 people el cumulatively would be sufficient to enhance high efficiency in the outcomes of the case study.

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