Henry Personal Life. Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-10-11
Henry  Personal Life. Free Essay Example
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Henry was born in the year 1457 January in Pembroke castle; he was the son of Edmond Tudor and Margret Beaufort. Henry was born almost three months after his father's death. Henry had restricted Beaufort's access to the throne, and thus, Henry had no way of becoming the king of England. The death of Edward, the only son of King Henry Iv in the year 1471, left Henry as the only surviving male with the ancestral claim to Lancaster. Henry was brought up by his uncle after his mother, who was only fourteen, got married again. Henry grew up at a time when there was chaos and the battle of Tewkesbury when the Lancaster cause crashed, causing the disaster, so Jasper Tudor, the guardian of Henry Tudor, flew to seek to refuse the duchy of Brittany. Henry

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Henry was childhood life happened when the war and fight for the throne were at their peak, the Yorkists at this time had overthrown King Henry in a decisive war which made Edward duke the king of England as King Henry Vi after overthrowing King Henry iv (Cooper,1999). These forced Jasper Tudor, who was known for taking care of Margret, the mother to Henry Vii to flew with them to seek refuse to the duchy Brittany. The Yorkist who had supported Edward in the battle was made the ruler of the Pembroke and took control of the Pembroke council. In the year 1469, Richard Nevile failed; Helbert was captured and executed in 1470, which led to King Henry regaining his power, and jasper came back from exile with Henry Vii Tudor. Henry vii married the daughter of Edward iv and Mary Elizabeth of York in 1483, which was a very significant step since this unified the house of Lancaster and the York by promoting the Tudor Rose, bringing down the conflict of the Red Rose Lancaster and the white rose of the York.

Henry is known for some of the major achievements like foreign policy and creating peaceful coexistence of England and other countries. In the early years of King Henry in he had to fight hard against the incorporation of the duchy of Brittany in France he played major roles in fighting this he was involved with the holly Roman Emporer and the Spains in the fight against the frame. King Henry Later, after getting involved In the war, came to realize that he was only doing more harm to his crown than good and had to step out and seek reconciliation with the king of France. There was a major step that saw King Henry rise in the ruling dynasty and receive a huge amount of pensions from France who had now become his closest friends and supporters. Henry succeeded in convincing the people of the Netherlands to make a treaty with him in the year 1496 which enabled his country to avoid war and attacks from the Netherlands. he was also able to create peaceful relations with the people of Scotland who were more hostile in the year 1499, when king Henry agreed to marry his daughter Margaret to James which was another major step in unifying England and Scotland. The decision of James to marry the daughter of King Henry was fostered by the arrival of Catherine to be married to Prince author in the year 1501. King henry decision to Mary, his daughter to France, also ensured that he was in unity with one of the countries with higher power since France had sprung in power so the dynasty of King Henry was secure and his crown was now safe. The regime of King Henry , the Tudor, was now witnessed to grow even in the eyes of the European powers. King Henry used the scheme of matrimonial diplomacy to ensure that he got protection against his enemies and was more confident in the position that he held (Currin,2000). King Henry was a smart person who used his skills to create good relationships with other states and also the schemes of matrimonial helped the king enrich his country. King Henry used every opportunity that he had to make a treaty with his enemies and this made England the most prosperous country during his reign. He was able to safeguard his dynasty and ensure that England was able to trade well with the other countries. King Henry had the other major achievement when he managed to marry Charles, the archduke after the death of the emperor Charles V, which continued the peaceful relations with the other Sofolk (Lander,1976). The wedding between Mary and Charles and mary took place after the man whom Mary had been married to also died, and so she honored the promise that she had made to his father and Charles, who she had fallen in love with.

The work of King Henry has impacted a lot in the modern-day peaceful coexistence of England with other countries. King Henry legacy still stands out when one considers the roles that he played in ensuring that England had free trade with other countries such as Scotland, in modern-day Scotland and England still conduct some major trade deals. King Henry was able to establish power stability in a time when there were wars, fights, and attacks on England with other countries( Meyer,2004). King Henry showed such great power in establishing an alliance with other states and was the pioneer of the current relations of England with Spain and France, where he married some of his daughters as a quest for the alliance. The ways can surely felt the impact of the major changes of King Henry's life was an expert in creating international relations with other countries and creating peace and trade treaties. King Henry was great at creating neutrality between all the countries; thus, England was the most secure and was the least country to be engaged in battle with other countries.


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