How to Not Become A Duck - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-11-12
How to Not Become A Duck - Free Essay Example
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How to not become a duck was written by Bud Allen in 1981, and it explains the human experience (Allen and Bosta). It concerns individuals’ character when they are alone without any other person around them. People find themselves in a different and challenging situation, and how they behave to cope with that condition determines who they are and how good they can be in dealing with any situation. The play is an imagination of what a person can do after finding himself at a lake that is full of ducks, and there is nobody around you to watch how you behave or do (Allen and Bosta). People have different ways of dealing with such things, and the determinant factor is the character of an individual.

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One might decide to spend much of the time observing the ducks, understanding their mannerisms along with language, and attempting to learn their society (Allen and Bosta). Ducks are enthralling creatures; nevertheless, it is not easy to understand them since their comportment is not rational to the human being since the man is not a duck. However, their conduct must be logical to them because their behavior fits them perfectly.

In some cases, the ducks may notice a man at the lake and decide to move closer to that person. They impostor at the person as a way of trying to interact with that particular person, and after observing the ducks, one can quickly tell what they want after coming closer. Still, it is impossible to imposter back at them because the human being is not equipped to do it ethically. It is a weak caricature at best, plus they are unsatisfied as well as confused hence making the man feel foolish for attempting to quack at them.

Sometimes one wish there was a good way of explaining to the ducks that there was no offense that was meant, but since the human being is not a duck, then it becomes impossible. One lacks an idea of explaining to them, and the human being may even doubt if they will understand even after explanation (Allen and Bosta). With time, things change, and all become better since the person will learn ways of quacking in a better way. Sometimes, a man can even just like a factual duck, and they become convinced as well as accept you.

However, this makes a man start thinking that he has been cut out to become a duck. After a short while, the man is reminded of how he is not a duck, though they invite him to join them in swimming. Yes, the man can swim as well as remain afloat for a while; nevertheless, a man cannot swim like a duck since he is not like them (Allen and Bosta). They manage to paddle in the water effortlessly with their webbed bottoms, and they dive elegantly while water rolls off their spines any time they resurface. However, even if the man observes them for several hours, he cannot manage to do it just like them because of his nature (Allen and Bosta). Unfortunately, this makes the man feel ashamed as well as inadequate since he is unable to dive like them, and one feels frustrated to the point of not trying it another time, though they continue to welcome the man so that they can swim together.

In conclusion, this play shows that no one can pretend and become who is not. A person may try to change his character or imitate another person, but to some point, you cannot be completely like him. There are some of things a man is good at doing, and the other man cannot do. This differentiates different people showing that they have unusual abilities, and no one is perfect in everything.

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