Healthcare, 4, 255-261.

Published: 2022-12-21
Healthcare, 4, 255-261.
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This article discusses the need for Patient-centered communication in the healthcare system. It serves a critical link in translating the health information technology (HIT) in providing the essential infrastructure to enable delivery of patient-centered care. This article relevant in a healthcare system because it discusses the conceptual framework and functionalities of health care information while incorporating patient-centered communication for the patients, caregivers and the health care provides. The implementation and the use of health information to support communication in healthcare has great potential in enabling health promotion and disease management. It is, therefore, a comprehensive review that is very vital for the Future Nursing Professional. It will improve patient experiences and outcomes. HIT will create a coordinated form of care especially for patients with chronic illnesses. It will reduce the communication niches while offering solutions to assist providers to adhere to evidence-based practice guidelines to aid in clinical decision making. There are several challenges that may hinder the development of patient-centered communication such as barriers in the interface usability, low computer literacy for the practitioners and insufficient training for use of HIT.

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Archer, N., Thomas, F.U., Lokker C., McKibbon, K.A & Straus, S.E, (2011),

Personal health records. Journal of the American Medical Informatics

Association, 515-522. doi: 10.1136/amiajnl-2011-000105

The review is an illustration of the use of electronic personal health record system (PHRs) to support patient-centered healthcare. It makes medical records and other medical information accessible to the patients. This article relevant because it aids in health self-management and disease prevention. The use of internet and the availability of medical information in the web will be a major milestone in the Future of the Nursing Profession because the patients will be made aware of their symptoms, diagnostic tests and treatment options at ease. It will also promote health care education because most of the people especially the Americans use the internet exclusively. The study has also indicated that the use of electronic personal health record has supplemented and improved self-management of health and wellness issues. The adoption of the PHRs will improve the relationships between the patients and the clinicians which will aid in proper decision making while helping the healthcare system evolve to a more personalized medical model. One of the weaknesses of these model is that it is expensive, hence; a likelihood of high medical expenses if not funded by public agencies. Again, low provider awareness and preparedness can reduce the chances of a successful adoption due to inadequate technology literacy. The confidentiality and privacy of information is also a major risk.

Pushpangdan S. & Seckman C. (2015), Consumer perspective on personal health

records. Transforming health through information and technology, 19 (1)

A review of the literature shows that the PHRs are designed to help consumers manage their health information by taking an active role in healthcare. The implementation of the online database available to the consumers will help in making informed health decisions that improve care management. The article is relevant because it provides a unique solution to avoid the duplication of tests procedures and preventing medical errors within the health facility. It also makes the health information secure, private and confidential which is beneficial to both the patients and the providers. Another strength is that the system is able to collect, track and store medical data in a safe location. Medical information can also be shared to multiple medical providers which are important in preventing misdiagnosis and ensure that patients, especially those suffering from chronic diseases, acquire constant medical attention. However, in as much as this model is important, the consumers have expressed concerns on the use, privacy and the security of the system. Again, the utilization of health information technology has shown that age, race and internet access are the main causes of the challenges in PHR adoption. It is referred to as the digital divide. As the age increased the use of PHR decreased. A cross-sectional analysis indicates that the digital divide created anxiety barriers. For the Future of the Nursing profession, there should be more computer training programs, a guarantee of adequate privacy, clear understanding of the functionality, usability, and communication of PHR. The nurses need to be actively involved in the design and development of PHRs so that they can offer guidelines to the patients and provide patient education. Personal health records in an essential tool for the management of health and is aimed for a better quality of life.

Hasan, M., Wang, X., & Germack, H. (2018), A systematic review on healthcare

analytics. Application and Theoretical Perspective of Data Mining

This is a patient-centric literature review that applies the uses Information Communication Technology for the healthcare students to aid in learning, physical and sensory disabilities. It involves the use of patient-centric philosophy as a mode of communication between the patients and the health care professionals. The article is relevant in addressing multiple dimensions of care, social and clinical needs essential for the patients. It is necessary for Future of the Nursing professional because it provides a person centered approach especially for treating children with learning disabilities. The use of emerging technologies such as data analysis and cloud computing will enhance health information collection. A web-based communication could lead to an increase in the quality of healthcare services which will significantly lower the costs of health care services. All the patients globally will acquire services quite easily. In as much as healthcare is the currently the booming sector of the economy in most of the countries, it is faced with so many challenges such as medical inefficiencies, low-quality services, and increased complexities. The use of a common software- Analytic information will be cost effective and improve the hospital outcomes. The application of data mining can be classified as unsupervised which is a weakness because of its big capabilities with the healthcare.

Avenue S.W., (2014), Health communication and health information

technology. Healthy People 2020, viewed in 2019

This article is focused on identifying signs of progress towards Heath Communication and Health Information Technology through strategies that are aimed at improving the population health outcomes and the quality of care as we strive to achieve quality health care. This article is essential in HIT because it details how health and behaviors are shaped by communication, information, and technology. As professionals, the use of health information will significantly impact health decisions and actions. It will enhance quick and informed responses concerning health risks while building social support networks. The future of the Nursing Professional is bound to show progress if the health providers incorporate the use of health IT tools and effective health communication processes to improve health care quality and safety. With the increasing complexities within the health department, there is the need to use technology and other forms of communication such as media campaigns. In as much as the use of technology is faster and efficient, so many areas have inaccessible internet, hence; the need for using evidence-based practices to ensure everyone benefits.

Updated in 2019

Lintonen, T.P., Konu, A.I, & Seedhouse, D. (2007), Information technology in

health promotion. Health Education Research, Vol. 23, 560-566,viewed in 2019

The use of technology to improve health has been the biggest health care development agenda, eHealth. It defines eHealth as the use of emerging information and communications technology by the use of the internet to improve healthcare. This article broadly explains the use of eHealth is beyond technical development. It incorporates working ethics and attitudes with the use of worldwide information and communication technology. The use of information technology was characterized by the use of a computer to construct health messages. The article is relevant because it classifies the HIT as an intervention medium especially when used to distribute health information. For instance, research indicates that information technology in health promotion is either focused on research focus, research instrument or professional development. It should be linked to the fact that the use of technology is emerging tremendously and id being used to break the professional monopoly. This article fails to address the role of information technology in healthcare, it does not address any problems that would hinder the quality of information. There is a need to openly discuss health promotions to enable citizens to propose their own health promotion initiatives.

Updated in 2019

Stoeva, M., & Kun, L., (2018), Biomedical engineering. Health and Technology

This article details biomedical engineering through the implementation of medical equipment and technology in healthcare facilities. The use of clinical engineering where the clinical engineers are expected to make use of biomedical equipment will help improve the clinical experiences as well as monitor the progression on the clinical expression. I think, the adoption of the clinical engineers will help bridge the gap between the designers and the users. Again, the incorporation will optimize the operations in the hospitals while easily addressing the technological problems within the departments. However, the cost of machines and training medical practitioners to make use of the machines will take a while. The machines are costly. With the increased creation of awareness of biomedical engineering, the nursing department will highly benefit from its incorporation.

Watcher, B., (2016), Review of information technology in NHS. Department of

Health and Social Care and National Information Board

This article reviews the launch of computer systems in the National Health System to improve healthcare in England. There is a need for information technology to work in the NHS because it is aimed at delivering high quality, safe and efficient care. It is prudent to fully embrace the use of technology in NHS will improve the standard of care patients. The future of the health care department should be fully dependant on creating a paperless health system. The clinicians, however, need to show high levels and responsibilities and trust for the advancements to take place. Research, science, and innovation in health and social care will help improve the efficiency of the NHS. The period for the innovation and research period is not definite, therefore, the adoption of technology is known when it will be adopted globally. The use of the National Advisory Group on Health Information Technology will ensure that informed decisions on technology are achieved in as much as it may take a long period of time to reach an amicable solution.

Loiselle, C.G, & Cossette, S., (2007), Health information technology and nursing

care. The Canadian journal of nursing, vol 39, 11-14

This article provides and details all the ample opportunities that are available in the nursing department. It details the disciplinary, socio-economic and geographical bounda...

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