Psychoanalysis in Literature, Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-18
Psychoanalysis in Literature, Essay Example
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In the song, Prufrock in the song reveals a society was ailing at the expense of implementing equitability and uniform resource allocation. In line (10, 11) of the song, women are portrayed as objects in the society easily manipulated and often subjected poor lifestyle thereby end up being the subjects in the community. Prufrock, the profound author of the love song through witty plotting, setting appropriate choice of words and characters to employ the psychoanalytic theory to reach the audience. His message on the suffering and the ill-intentioned lifestyle inflicted on the people is seen on the man who seems to be in love but is challenged by the pessimistic notion that canvases the mind. The psychoanalytic theory by Sigmund Freud focuses on the individual's personality, organization, and development that guide the psychoanalysis as revealed by Prufrock in the song. Freud asserts that people would gain the insight to transform the unconscious to the conscious to gain the psychoanalytic therapy to release the personal experiences and feelings (Mazza 34). To critically analyze text the three underlying principle the id, ego and the superego provides the basic guideline for the basis of psychiatric help. Notably, the psychoanalytic approach in literature focuses the unconscious, desires, and dreams expressed in a text by author's neuroses. The motive reflects in the characters and how the events unfold in the given piece of written materials.

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The discussion and the events in the poem revolve around about the man who happens to engage in an affair with a lady whom he sought to take a walk together, line (2) let us go and take a visit. The landlord attendant who seems to be in paradoxical circumstances, disclose the social order is unsuitable and doesn't favor a communal cohabiting, he often lives in fear and projects jeopardy and most horrible period to come (Line 27). The narrator reveals a dissonance towards folks in authority as the sole source to the grime experienced in the general public. Through a close analysis of the poem, the speaker,' the attendant lord' appears distressed and often reveals a hatred and general contradiction as a core manner of the members in the social order. The song reveals strong connection and fondness between the attendant lords who often confuse the entire culture. The personality of the stringent conditions that the persona experience dictates the strong inclined love amongst them. The persona operates in a perplexity based on the firm existence and un-cooperative members of the social order. Notably, focusing on the psychomotor of the author in the poem, the rot in the society, where the members sit await revenge Line (29,30)," there will be time to murder and create, And time all the works and days of hand'. The author employs the psychoanalysis theory focusing on awakening the unconscious mind of the people through the persona, to notice the absolute nature of sidelines and repression experienced. In line (32, 33, and 34)..."Time for you and time for me, and time yet for a hundred indecisions, and for a hundred reasons and revisions". The public is subjected to unworthy lifestyle and less recognition, and are portrayed as subjects who opt for a better correlation and proper engagement ...line (39) "time to turn black and descend to stairs."

While it's undeniable that humans are capable of great love and empathy, we also have an unspeakable history of greed, hatred, rape, torture, murder, and war; a propensity for deeds so shocking and overwhelming that the eternal question of why seems depressingly inexplicable. According to (Jeremy Griffith, 2016,), "how could humans possibly be considered good when all the evidence seems to unequivocally indicate that we are a deeply flawed, bad, even evil species"? The woman as revealed in love song by Prufrock is humbled, loving and portray a higher degree of respect, though deep in her underlie a hip of hatred following the natures and standards of life they have. The environment seems exposed to the acute human exploitation and gross violation of the right and miss appropriation of resources. Prufrock expounds on the psychosis and extracts the themes in the song such as love and friendship. The woman who seems to be in love with the lord attendant reveals the magnitude of the pain and miseries which lies ahead of them. Line (49) "for the decision and revisions which a minute will reverse. The speaker however in love is controlled by the external influence such as oppression by those in power, the fundamental issues rest with the negative attitude developed by the man who purports to have his entire operation masqueraded.

According to Prufrock, the female is more prawn to demonstrate superior aptitude of love accompanied by series of undesirable and inhuman behaviors which upset the motive and the psych as seen in line (37,38) and indeed there will be time, to wonder, "do I dare ' do I dare'. This quote reveals the absolute submission of the neurosis in that particular piece of work. Prufrock display and touching control of the mind with intent to communicate the anticipated message of psychological torture exposed in the society by those in authority.

The scope of Prufrock literary work as seen in the song of love underline the moral decadence and the effects shaped on the subjects. The motive behind the intention of Prufrock in the song is to accomplish unto the audiences the imperfection and the imbalances in the society as a result of indifferent attitude to the members.

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