Health Studies. Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-15
Health Studies. Free Essay Example
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Wendt, C., Frisina, L., & Rothgang, H. (2009). Healthcare system types: a conceptual framework for comparison. Social Policy & Administration, 43(1), 70-90.

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1. Barefoot doctors 2.Capitation system 3.Cooperative Medical care system.4 Health care systems

A comparative study of the health care system around the world has several importance. It allows an individual to understand the difference in how they function and factors influencing the difference in the approaches. The writers of the article argue that the comparative analysis leads to an understanding of the healthcare system of the USA and how it is different from the system in China, Russia, Britain, and Canada.

Health care systems around the globe have different approaches based on four factors namely

  • (i)The environmental factors such as the presence or absence of pollutants
  • (ii)The culture of the people of the country
  • (iii)The history and the past events in a country
  • (iv)The structural factors of the country

An example of the influence of these factors has been used by the authors, to describe the development and the accessibility of health care is major countries. China has a history of a large population of people, with a large number of people living in villages. The initial system included the use of barefoot doctors, who served people in villages. The centralization of the health care system in china led to fixed prices that physicians could demand hence affordable service. The accessibility of healthcare is made easy through a cooperation system involving both the citizens and the government funding the health care system, a method adopted before economic reforms (Wendt.etal,2009). Russia is experiencing a rather disorganized health care system due to the post-war impacts on the economy and the divisions after the fall of the soviets union. The health care system is not equipped with resources due to poor funding, hence the highest mortality rates. There are plans by the government to place health care on free-market principals. Canada, has a federal leadership, and has a good economy. There was a little concern about health care between 1995 and 1997, where many health care workers lost their jobs and pay cuts prompting some to move to the U.S.A.There are recent developments including the joint funding of healthcare by the federal government and the provincial government, reducing the costs of accessing healthcare. There are discussions on privatizing healthcare to remove the financial burden from the government. Major developments in Britain are the accessibility of the healthcare system, which is flexible and allows the patient to access it without paying at the delivery point. The payment of healthcare workers is through the capitation system.

The health care system of the USA according to the authors is more expensive, has all the required modern technology, but the service provided is still not as impressive as the ones in Canada and even China. The country spends more money on the health care system, mainly due to the consolidation of hospitals. There are private sectors that have developed, due to the consolidation pressure. It is sad to note that higher spending and poor returns in terms of health benefits and low mortality rates are not impressive.

  1. Can the disadvantages of privatization of the healthcare system be more than its advantages?
  2. Is it possible for the USA healthcare system to learn from the reforms introduced in Great Britain to reduce the operational costs of the healthcare system?
  3. How is the Capitation system in the health care system still relevant in modern economies? What are the challenges of the system?


Wendt, C., Frisina, L., & Rothgang, H. (2009). Healthcare system types: a conceptual framework for comparison. Social Policy & Administration, 43(1), 70-90.

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