Health History of a Patient - Essay Sample

Published: 2019-10-01
Health History of a Patient - Essay Sample
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He is a 53-year-old white male who has previously undergone a suture removal following an incision for the removal of a quarter-size basal cell carcinoma on his right arm. Regardless of the incision the patient is well with no health issues and no allergies. He had a flu shot and has no medical issues.

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Reflect on pattern recognition in diagnosis basal cell carcinoma.

Pattern recognition is solely the basis of expert diagnostic performance. It is based on the recognition of problems in accordance with observable patterns. Basal cell carcinoma is a common type of skin cancer and its treatment is very effective. Normally classified on the risk of recurrence and often depends on the location of the tumor. ("Practicums and Internships | Online Student Experience | Walden University", 2016)

Explain how pattern recognition of patient symptom might help lead to a diagnosis.

Sun-exposed parts of the body are prone to the development of basal cell carcinoma. In rare cases does it occur on the legs and trunks? The cancer might spread to the tissue under the skin or onto the closer bone. Basal cell carcinoma may be in the form of skin growth that is dome shaped and has blood vessels. It can also appear as a way, hard skin growth. It is mainly composed of five clinic pathological sub-types: morpheaform, basosquamous, pigmented, superficial and nodular-ulcerative.

Diagnostic test tissues sent to pathology.

The type of skin lesion often dictates on the choice of biopsy technique. Basal cell carcinoma is biopsied by the shave technique due to superficial pathology and the prognosis does not depend on the thickness. ("Student Practicum Experiences | Pacific University", 2016) The examination of cells and tissues under a microscope for the basis of diagnosis is referred to as pathology. Cells and tissues are usually obtained through surgery or a biopsy. A shave biopsy suffices for majority of basal cell carcinoma sub-types. A deep shave or incisional biopsy is recommended to obtain sufficient tissue sample in the case of a morphea form basal cell carcinoma.

Patient problem showed deep margins that may have metastized to muscle tissue. Patient referred to dermatologist.

If basal cell carcinoma is left untreated it may cause the skin cancer to eventually spread thus affecting the nerves and even the brain. The normal healthy tissues that are situated around the cancer may be destroyed. Regardless of the slow growth, it can cause extensive tissue destruction which may result in patient morbidity. ("Student Practicum Experiences | Pacific University", 2016)


Eczema and psoriasis are examples of non-cancerous skin condition that may be resembled by basal cell carcinoma. Extensive treatment may however be required if the tumor has grown large. The skin cancer may spread to vital organs and can result in nerve or muscle injury. The scars left when small skin cancers are removed are accepted cosmetically. A skin graft or flap is used in the case of large tumors to repair the wound for best cosmetic results.


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