Paper Example - Communication and Technology

Published: 2023-03-14
Paper Example - Communication and Technology
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Communication is one of the most important tool of human interaction. Communication is purposely used to transfer information from one person to another. Since communication is the most important tool, it has to be done effectively to ensure that the correct message is passed from one person to another. A lot of measures have been developed to ensure that there is proper communication between various people. Once of the elements that has been developed is the communication theories. These communication theories or concepts can be used to organize communication and ensure that they are being done correctly. Once of the communication theory that has been developed is the communication accommodative theory. Therefore, this paper will define the concept and how it relates to communication, an event where the concept was used and lastly the research suggestions into one areas that is related to this communication concept.

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Part One: Concept Explanation

People come from different places hence they have varied modes of how they conduct themselves and this includes communication. In most cases, the mode of communication is different. Therefore, when these people come together, it become hard for them to communicate with each other. As a result, there is need to come up with measures that will make it easy for the people to communicate. The Communication accommodative theory describes when people have to adapt or accommodate to certain styles of communication so that they can fit to certain groups(Hartley 78). In this case, a person will be forced to change the verbal as well as the nonverbal styles of communication. These changes occur through divergence and convergence.

Part Two:Experience and Application

The modes of communication that are used by different people vary depending in many aspects. The difference in the modes of communication makes it hard for people to interact. However, the method that can make it easy for people to interact with each other is when they learn or adapt to these modes of communication(Heath& Bryant 98). In the course of interacting with various people, I was faced with an event where I had to apply the communication accommodative theory. In this event, I had attended a school leadership summit which had brought together various school. The participants that were in this event came from different places. This issue means that would belong to a different group hence the mode of communication would be different from each other. As the leadership summit was going on, I notices several communication behavior among the participants who had attended. For instance, some of the participant in the leadership summit did not have a proper clue on how to use certain verbal cues. In other instances, these individuals could understand the verbal cues that I used to signal something. As a result of this event, I have to ensure that I accommodate myself into the mode of communication that was being used by the majority of the participant who had attended the summit. The leadership summit continued and I got more time to interact with more participants. From the situations that I had observed earlier, I knew that I had to change my mode of communication. In this case, as I continued interacting with more participants, I tried as much as I could to avoid using nonverbal cues because of the students who could not understand them. In the end, I had been forced to accommodate the communication styles of these participants so that I could communicate well with them.

Part Three: Research Suggestions

Looking at the above event that I experienced while attending the leadership summit, there are some potential are that the researcher can undertake research. In this case, the research suggestion is to conduct a study that will look into factors that influence a person to easily adapt to new communication styles that is evident among their colleagues. This research will provide the essential factors that people may observed to ensure that they adapt easily when interacting with other people. Moreover, these factors will ensure that people are able to communicate effectively with each other.


Concluding, communication is one of the essential tool that explains an important role in human interaction. Proper human interaction helps them to leave peacefully. Therefore, proper communication has to be adopted to ensure human interaction is maintained. Various theories have been developed to enhance communication between various people. This paper identified communication accommodative theory as one of the concepts to be used to ensure proper communication. This theory explains the ability of people to adapt to the modes of communication of other people. From the event that has been experienced, it is essential that more research should be done to ensure to identify the factors that may help people to easily adapt to new modes of communication. Going forward, these factors are important in the sense that they will help people to understand what they have to observe to easily adapt to new communication styles whenever they go to new places or interact with other people.


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