Essay Sample on Happiness in Midlife Parental Roles

Published: 2023-04-24
Essay Sample on Happiness in Midlife Parental Roles
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Q1. The article concentrates on midlife parental role satisfaction through using the date of cultural diversity in the British, Canada Parents (Mitchell, 2010). The report also illustrates that most of the parents are more excited about executing their roles. The study on the article builds from previous research by analyzing the parts of the parents in the building the social values in the community. The gap filled by the report is through examining the role of parents in society. The article has categorically described the parts of parents and the practical implications shown by the midlife maternal health and their well-being.

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Q2. The theory in which this study is based on is the primary tenet of the life course. According to this theory, it states that family life is not the same for every family member through the life levels among the family members.

Q3. One of the findings the author described in his book was about the midlife parents' social capital value and economic assets. According to the author, social capital value and financial assets impacted the lifestyles of the parents from one perspective to another. The second finding in the article stated that parental experiences are not statistical over a certain period of time. The author said that parental skills follow a development trajectory that changes over a certain period of time based on the life duration of individuals.

Q4. The sample size of cultural groups is as follows British 130 (26.5), Chinese 107 (21.8%), Indian 124 (25.3) %, and European 129 (29.3%) (Mitchell, 2010). Samples were collected from different parent participants in the social structure. The sampling method that was used as a random sampling technique that was used in recruiting one parent in a given family. The other sampling technique that was used was a quota sampling technique method. The socio-demographics that were used during the sampling of the data include gender (male and female), ethnicity, living arrangement types, parents' age, and marital status (Mitchell, 2010). The requirements that will be used in this study include parental periods, dependent variables, and independent variables.

Q5. The design of this study is to analyze data methods that were used In integrating statistical and thematic data analytics techniques in an organization. The research will focus on the mixed designs in analyzing the social sciences in the quantitative and qualitative types of inquiry (Mitchell, 2010). The data were collected longitudinally from one family to another based on the relationships of the macro cultural context from one community to another. The dependent variable that was based on the quantitative analysis was parental happiness. The quantitative analysis was measured based on the scale of one person is not happy, and five people being delighted (Mitchell, 2010). The other dependent variable is extremely happy and less than extremely happy.

The statistical test was used as the methodological approaches that could not link a structural and a contextual family process. In the quantitative data analysis, the logistical regression system was used as an open-ended verbatim data system that followed that. (Mitchell, 2010). The author added a more significant quantitative data analysis by introducing an independent variable block that was sequentially ordered into five respective orders. The author also collected various findings that described parental roles in different societies.

Q6. The study used both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Data was collected through a sampling of midlife parents' details, random selection of the participants, through statistics and questionnaires (Mitchell, 2010). Q7. There was no ethical consideration that was explained in the study on an informed and confidentiality system. The other requires to add ethical review include informed consent and privacy.

Q8. The quantitative analysis findings stated that over five parents express happiness in the community, and a few parents report cases of unhappiness. Qualitative analysis results indicate that more parents are happy with the current situation they are undergoing through in their lives.

Q9. Social capital value and financial assets impacted the lifestyles of the parents from one perspective to another. The second finding in the article stated that parental experiences are not statistical over a certain period of time (Mitchell, 2010). The following points are essential because they help in analyzing the social and financial importance of the parent's lifestyle in society.

Q10. Gender does not emerge and an essential predictor of the variable based on the quantitative analysis compared to another research study that was analyzed. Some of the challenges, such as cultural, family, and social, were also some of the issues that affect the collection of information in society (Mitchell, 2010).

Q11. In future research, the author should incorporate improved data in the areas based on the information on the role of immigration and ethnocultural process challenges in the community. Creation of awareness to both the family's members and the children on the importance of participating in research structure in the community structure (Mitchell, 2010). The applied implications that have emerged in the research system include the following social workers, family life, and medical professionals. A second implication that was identified was based on the sociocultural context and family environment matter. The other effect concerns the family ties that affect the research obtainment in the organization.


Mitchell, B. A. (2010). Happiness in Midlife Parental Roles: A Contextual Mixed Methods Analysis. Family Relations, 59(3), 326-339.

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