Growing Through Errors: Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-30
Growing Through Errors: Essay Sample
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The bloopers that humans commit are their portals of the invention. People tend to learn more from the gaffes they do. From humanoid experience, blunders make people figure out how to redirect themselves back to the right track. I am a great lover of Ted talks, and one of the outstanding talks by Sir Ken Robinson is that in which he tries to explain how schools strangle innovativeness in pupils. In this talk, Robinson explains how schools try to compel pupils to possess similar abilities to learn about redundant topics in the education system. The argument in the talk, and which I agree with is that students should be given the liberty to do what interests them. Children can do unbelievable things when left unmonitored, right? That is exactly how they learn quickly and discover new ideas. People become more assertive and self-sufficient when they are permitted to do blunders and encounter failure.

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Last evening, I was left home alone and had no absorbing movie to keep me going. So, I decided to watch a few videos on my personal computer. Sir Ken Robinson's talk on how schools impede innovations among students popped up. A few seconds into watching it I got lost in thoughts as his words lifted my spirit. The talk sparks a memory in me of my first experiences in the kitchen with my grandmother. At fifteen years old, I seldom knew how to prepare any meal. My grandmother, one of the best chefs I know of, used to try out different recipes when we visited as a family. I remember quite well that she was extraordinarily obsessed with baking. At first, she would leave me to play with flour in the kitchen, and I would mess up the whole kitchen space and my clothes. When she realized how messy I would be when left alone in the kitchen, she decided that she would keep me a few meters from her kitchen door. She would rather pause on what she was doing to pick something in the kitchen than send me. This feeling of being unwanted near the kitchen resonated in me when Sir Robinson was talking about Gillian Lynne, who was dubbed impaired due to her inability to stay calm and concentrate in class. When Gillian's mother decided to consult a medical practitioner about her daughter's condition, the physician asks her for a private conversation and left Gillian in a music-filled room. Gillian began dancing, and so the doctor, peeping through the window with Gillian's mother, told her that her daughter had no underlying condition and that she was normal. Gillian ended up enjoying a fruitful career in dance, musical theatres, and ballet. Similarly, I look at myself as the best cook there is in my home. My success in culinary art is attributed to constant trial and error in the kitchen.

Despite being literally barred from the cooking area, I explained to my grandmother about my passion for cooking. "So, you want to become a professional chef in the future, right?" "Not really grandma. My passion has always been to become a medical doctor." "How's cooking going to impact your career then, you should be concentrating on reading." I had previously watched a video where a doctor was narrating how nutrition and dietary were working miraculously to promote the healing process of people with chronic and terminal illnesses like cancer. The physician was explaining how numerous doctors were flocking in the hospitality industries to learn about nutrition. Nutrition has different abilities, and fewer people tend to acknowledge their power. Nutrition boosts the immune system and helps the body to fight against diseases. Additionally, nutrition boosts the mood of people, especially those who are sick or stressed. I explained this to my grandmother, and she decided that she would only allow me in the kitchen to watch what she did. That was partial freedom, at least I would apply the social learning theory to grasp a few ideas about cooking. Is that not somehow relieving?

After a few weeks, the grandmother developed some illness and she was admitted to a hospital. I felt sorry for her since we had established a strong bond between us. She was diagnosed with acute pneumonia and had to spend a few days in the hospital bed. All over a sudden, I was home alone. Whoop-de-doo! I owned the kitchen and decided that I will rule the empire with the utmost authority. I took all the recipes that the grandmother had and decided that it was time to use the blessing. Of course, it was a blessing in disguise, was not it? I read through them carefully and decided to try preparing barbeque chicken grilled pizza since it was one of my best meals. Huh! Let the process begin. I prepared the ingredients as directed on the recipe and began cooking. Unfortunately, I mistimed the estimated cooking time and all I got was smoke. I tried cooking the same meal a second time, but it also turned out awful. The following day I decided to try out chocolate cakes since they appeared easy to prepare. My first trial did not turn out well, since the cakes got burned. On my third trial, I finally produced some good results. I continued trying out different meals, and although I got it wrong severally, I kept learning about what is in giving up?

The day to discharge my grandmother arrived and I had to accompany her to the hospital. I decided that I would make some chocolate cakes for my grandma since she liked them. I was very keen this time not to mess up, for if I did, I would be signing for capital punishment. I had to impress the empress of the kitchen monarch. When we arrived at the hospital, my mother went ahead to do the clearance as I waited with grandma. I pulled out the surprise and gave it to her. "I made this for you." She happily accepted my gift. Grandma is such a difficult person; she ate all the two cakes without saying a word. After the clearance, we went straight home, for grandma needed a lot of bed rest. On arriving home, she went straight to her bedroom and brought me three books that contained numerous recipes. And just like that, I earned my reputation as chef de cuisine home and dry.

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