An Effective Manager in a Diverse Workplace - Essay Sample

Published: 2022-12-16
An Effective Manager in a Diverse Workplace - Essay Sample
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When a company embraces a diverse workforce with multilingual employees, it becomes easy for it to improve or expand operations in local, regional, and international markets. After reading Hartman, I learned that even though many people believe that the millennial group is less loyal to employers, they prevail in economic conditions due to their aspirations. Millennials are also seen as Gen-Xers and Boomers because they describe themselves as political independents (Hartman & McCambridge, 2011 p. 24). As described this group comes from a group of young people that live longer at home, have the likely hood of having student debts and are very slow buying a car.

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A millennial is a group of people aged between 20-34 years old who make a small proportion of the total population than the boomers. This is because most boomers are moving into retirement because the millennial have taken the largest share of the labour market (Hartman & Mccambridge, 2011 p. 26). After watching Schwartz, I learned that many people go to work because of money and not because of a plan. This is something that happens in today's working industry. There is a lack of motivational ideas because most companies are after making money instead of how they can improve careers. I have learned that most people go to work because of money, but Schwartz is insisting that the first question is by asking what make people go to work every day (Schwartz, 2015 n.p). I have also learned that if the perception of money is removed, then the purposes of going to work will be a fulfilment. In short, we should have a clear conscience that before submitting our self to work, we should ask the reasons for being employed.

Anginer (2012, p. 50) stated that companies that have diverse forces usually outperforms the ones who have staff cloned in a single template. In other words, the authors were saying that diversity brings different experiences, skills and perspectives. Hartman highlights the same case that even though the millennial goes to college, they never show the inclination brought by the high demand of mathematics, engineering, technology and science in the STEM fields when they are compared with the Boomers in the STEM, most millennial graduate with majors in biomedical and biological sciences as well as information and computer sciences.

Every day according to Harris (2010 p. 119), people wake up and spend most of their time waking up to spend long hours at work. Some of them end up doing a job that they do not like. This was also noted by Schwartz when he stated that not everyone is lucky. In the Ted Talk summit, Schwartz critiqued that the way people think about work may determine the processes they will maximise their efficiency at work without making any assumptions. This means that work is designed not to consider making people understand that not only do they work for money but also for the things they like. In other words, when employers discover that employees are untrustworthy they design a system that has rules, zero tolerance rules, procedures that are also behaviour based safety and have incentive programs. Even though the idea is to make workers safe, it also assists them to do their work faster and convenient mainly if it was difficult.

Being an effective manager means understanding that every individual is unique and have differences. Alongside such traits they can also suggest checking for the dimensions of sexual orientation, gender, physical abilities, ethnicity, pontifical; beliefs, religious beliefs and other ideologies (Gewin, 2014 p. 60). It is through exploring such differences in a positive environment that the manager can understand each worker by celebrating and embracing the rich dimensions of diversity. The same concept is highlighted by Hartman when he talked optimising the Millennial. According to him, the millennial should be assisted to develop their interpersonal communication skills to enable the educators to understand how they feel.

Most millennials are defined as social learners that can make the best team when proper strategies. It is vital that this group should be involved in any learning experience for them to prosper. The millennial should also be assisted to hone their interpersonal communication skills and how they engage with people of different backgrounds and all ages. One way that this strategy can be achieved is by teaching them dual concepts about communication style-flexing and style-typing (Bauer, 2012 p. 116) even though these are tools that enhance the communication skills of millennials and how they compose vital skills to their bosses. It is, therefore, believed that when such students are educated they become more effective because their understanding is deepened.


An effective manager is a person who can work in a diverse place and make changes. A good example is a millennial group who age between 20-34 years old that make up a small proportion of the total population. Most millennials should also be assisted to hone their interpersonal communication skills and how they engage with people of different backgrounds. The same concept is highlighted by Hartman when he talked about optimizing the Millennial. In the Ted Talk summit, Schwartz critiqued that the way people think about work may determine the processes they will maximize their efficiency at work without making any assumptions


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