Free Essay on Science as the Most Important Path to Knowledge

Published: 2019-06-04
Free Essay on Science as the Most Important Path to Knowledge
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Science is a body of knowledge that is verifiable and practical. Science, unlike other disciplines, involves the intellectual and practical study of particular aspects or behavior through making observations or doing experiments. As a body of knowledge, science deals with facts as opposed to fiction and tries to deduce any relationship between such actualities. Therefore, the difference of science from other academic and theoretical disciplines is its practicability and verifiability. Notably, the natural and social world need the application of science so as to bring out the incomprehensible explanations that other people such as historians, philosophers, artists and authors cannot decipher.

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Scientists, unlike other people capture the world through experiments and intellectual interpretations of the results of those experiments. In this regard, scientists perform practical experiments to prove a particular assumption as either a fact or a fiction. Particularly, these practical are conducted either in the laboratory or on the fields. Either way, scientists shoulder the responsibility of bringing facts to the world for the proper planning of the future and for comprehensive explanations of mysterious happenings and events. Ideally, no theory is true in science unless it is scientifically proved.

The unique aspect of scientists lies in the way they view the world. Interestingly, scientists do not believe in the existed of a supreme being having supreme powers. The reason behind this disbelief is the obvious fact that the Supreme Being cannot be seen nor examined for his sovereignty. In any case, anything that cannot be scientifically proved is just a fiction which dwells in the minds of philosophers as opposed to scientists. In this regard, science is not a belief discipline; it is an experimental discipline that is not comfortable with theories that are not verifiable.

Some paths of obtaining knowledge are more import6ant than others. Some paths lead to getting information that does not have particular verifiable evidence. Moreover, the information obtained through such paths does not lead to meaningful conclusions which can bring about innovations. In this respect, science has always peeped in and provided a perfect solution by performing a lot of experiments which lead to innovations in different fields. These fields include technology, marketing, and human anatomy among others. Comparatively, other disciplines like philosophy do not bring on any meaningful creativity in the world.

Science is what makes the world what it is today. Right from the medical aspects to the technological advancement, science has played the central role in achieving many innovative and creative technologies that exists in every part of the world toddy. Similarly, science has done just as much in the medical field. Specifically, the innovations of new generic medicines as well as the cures for different fatal diseases can all be attributed to the intellectual capabilities as well as creativity of the scientists around the world. Therefore, science is the mother and father of all innovations.

In conclusion, science is the most important path to knowledge because its methods and subjects are certain and verifiable. Additionally, science is the origin and epicenter of all major innovations in the world. The disbelief of scientists in Supreme Being has necessitated the search for solutions to different occurrences in the world. In this regard, technological and medical advancements have been made courtesy of the creativity of scientists. Undoubtedly, science is the sure and true path to the gaining of knowledge. Indeed, other ways of knowing the world have some value, but none whatsoever are as valuable as science.

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