Curriculum Vitae Free Sample

Published: 2017-10-12
Curriculum Vitae Free Sample
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Curriculum Vitae Examples

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Degrees: PhD in Clinical Psychology



Contact Information

Business Address :

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Foreign Languages :


To contribute in ongoing research by utilizing my practical and theoretical experience, that I gained from education and real work practice in improving the quality of life for individuals. I further believe that acquisition of a PhD in Clinical Psychology will reinforce this goal through improved knowledge and experience.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with minor disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Emotional Regulations, Positive Psychology, and Self-Development


Master of art in Psychological Counseling

June 2014

G.P.A. (4.97/5) Excellent

Thesis Title: The Effectiveness of Counseling Program to Enhance Meta-cognitive Skills and its Effect on Anxiety in King Abdul-Aziz University Students

Bachelor of Art in Psychology

June 2008

G.P.A. (4.96/5) Excellent –First Honor-

Thesis Title: The Effectiveness of Using the Number-Shape Model to Enhance Long-Term Memory among Psychology Students in King-Abdul- Aziz University.


Psychiatry in General Medicine (04/2016)

Translational Psychiatry from Science to Practice (04/2015)

Psychiatric Models: Biological and Psychological Perspectives (04/2014)

Bridging the Gap Between Science, Culture and Clinical Psychiatry (04/2013)

Comorbidity Within Psychiatric Disorders and Medical Illnesses (04/2012)

Controversies in Psychiatric Practice (06/2011)

New Models of Psychiatric Management (04/2010)


Certified Trainer on CoRT Program for teaching thinking (07/2016) De Bono Center for Teaching Thinking

Certified Trainer on TRIZ program for solving problems in creative ways (07/2016) De Bono Center for Teaching Thinking.

Coaching-Practitioner (03/2014) International Foundation for Coaching and Consulting Professionals.

In addition, there are more than (70) workshops& courses that can be submitted on request.


King Abdul-Aziz University-(Teaching, 2012 to Date)

Teaching programs: Regular Study, Distance Learning and Correspondence Learning.

Subjects: Introduction to Psychological Statistics, Psychological Statistics.

position & responsibilities

Faculty Members Schedules Committee (2015 to date)

Graduation Students Committee (2012 – 2013)


future girls (2014 to date)

Planning, Preparing and Presenting Self-Development Materials for Teenager Group of Girls during the School Weeks (List of activities in Experience)

Insan for Sychological and Social Support (2013 to date)

The leader of the teenager group, a member of the scientific committee in it, presented some specialist courses to the psychologists’ team and targeted sample and give some counseling sessions when CBT is needed(List of activities in Experience)


TRAINING (Psychology)

Future Pioneers Center: I was involved in planning the training programs of psychology students. This center has classes for special needs students. I was also tasked with designing a plan for this center to become certified in training psychology students to deal with special needs learners. A part from planning for this program, I was also its manager and key person in supervising the program. I trained the psychology students in all aspects of teaching including how to relate with psychology students with special needs. I was as well in charge of assessing their capability. I was further in charge of placement program for psychology students at the center, with an aim of giving them an opportunity for practical and theoretical experience in the field of psychology (09/2015 to date).

Noon Centre for Psychological Therapy and Training: Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)(06/2016)

CounsellingCentre in King Abdul-Aziz University:

Introduction to CBT (04/2016)

Using Group group-administered Tests of Intelligence in School Counseling (03/2016)

INSAN for Psychological and Social Support:

Using Religious in Psychological Support (05/2015)

Introduction For Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (02/2014)

How to Control Your Stress (01/2014)

Tranquillity Center: Wechsler – Bellevue Intelligence Scale (02/2012)


Future Girls:

How to Deal with Difficult People (04/2016)

Social Skills (03/2016)

Communication Skills (12/2015)

Inside Out -Emotional Awareness- (11/2015)

Choosing Future Job –workshops to Know about their abilities and their personality, then hosting people from different jobs to talk about it- (09 -11 /2015)

Enhancing Our Memory (09/2015)

Multiple Intelligent (05/2015)

Stations from Our Lives –how to use our Experience to flourish our personality- (04/2015)

The purpose of Our Lives (12/2014 to 01/2015)

Thinking Campus and Applying it in Everyday Situations (11/2014)

My Personality from My Clothes –How to use our clothes to reflect our personality in a right way- (10/2014)

Body Language (10 to 11 /2014)

Smart Studying (09/2014)

INSAN for Psychological and Social Support:

Critical Thinking (05/2014)

Dealing with Difficult Situations (04/2014)

Psychological Needs: How to Fulfil it for us and Others (04/2014)

How To Adjust Our Reality –Introduction to cognitive distortion and how to minimise their effect- (03/2014)

Managing Your Stress (02/2014)

Dar-Alhekmah University:

My Success Starts from My Thinking (05/2009)


Individual Counseling:

Noon Center for Counseling (06/2016 to date)

INSAN for psychological and social support(03/2014 to date)

Administrate Supporting Groups:INSAN for Psychological and Social Support(01-06 /2014)

Group Therapy for Anxious Students: The Counseling Center in King Abdul-Aziz University. (02-04/2014)


Research: Organized, Self-Motivated, Work Perfectly under pressure, Curiosity, Knowledge Seeker.

Communication: Emotional Regulation, Empathy, Great listener, Ability to look through others point of view, Know How to deal with difficult personalities.

Thinking Skills: Problem-solving, Logical Thinking, Analytical Thinking, Critical Thinking, Creativity

Leadership: Charismatic Personality, ability to persuade, motivating team members, Analyze tasks and procurator it to the team members depending on their unique abilities, coordinating and Follow-up performance. (I was Student’s Representative during my both Bachelor and Master Degrees)

Computer Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SPSS.


-First on Class in the Master Degree

-Won King Abdul-Aziz Annual Research Competition: The Fourth rank on the University, and First rank on Humanities Category.

-First on Class in the Bachelor Degree

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