Paper Example. Grabbing Maintaining Attention

Published: 2023-08-22
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Knowing the audience during speech giving plays an essential role in getting as well as sustaining their attention during speech giving. By knowing your audience, you recognize different attributes like expectations, genders, prior knowledge, and age (Mclean, 2018). After identifying these details, you will be able to determine the right language, choose words correctly, and the right education grade to pass your message. When you get all this information, it will be easy to appeal to the audience. When capturing their attention, you want to ensure that you use correct information and techniques to make sure they comprehend your message.

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When talking about the topic, acknowledging audience culture in mind is essential. In the speech, I will be talking about nonverbal communication, and how culture influences body movements and gestures a lot (Mclean, 2018). When addressing particular facial expressions and hand gestures, I must understand that not all cultures use these in the same context. Again, when talking, specific jargon and slang need not be used since some words have different meanings depending on location and age.

I will maintain my audience’s attention by including descriptive examples which entail, my topic as I appeal to the audience (Vulture, 2016). Apart from talking about one culture, I will talk about many different cultures to make the speech diverse. I will also include visuals like animations and pictures to aid with visual help. Relating the speech to things that happened recently in the media will also enhance the attention for the audience.

The video I chose is significant in studying how to get audiences’ attention since it displays four techniques. These techniques can be applied to all types of presentations. Poking audiences’ curiosity is the first technique ( The first speaker started the speech with a story that created suspense and made everybody believe he would talk about a great regret in his life. Then he continues by joking of how entering a law school is a big regret. Asking an intriguing question is the next technique that makes listeners think. The third technique is to provoke the imagination of the audience. It started by closing their eyes and imagining. By doing this, you make the listeners aim at the picture in their minds as concurrently focus on what you are uttering. The last technique is to start by speaking about the personal story. It will make the listeners feel close and open up their minds on your emotions and feelings.


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