Pragmatist Decision Making. Free Essay

Published: 2023-03-28
Pragmatist Decision Making. Free Essay
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Pragmatist decision-making is a method of making a decision that is commonly applied by people. This paper discusses how the application of this style would affect communication and negotiation. It also highlights how it would be applied in an interpersonal situation

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The pragmatist style of the decision would affect communication as it includes hearing, learning concepts, and questioning of their application in the real world. This style would affect any communication because people applying this skill will question the possibility of a thing being practical. It would enforce communication, especially its argumentative aspects. It would strengthen the speech acts as they make qualities such as assertiveness, expressiveness, and directiveness of the speaker.

The pragmatist style will have positive effects on negotiations. Negotiation is a basic way of getting something from another person, through a persuasive speech, to convince the second party(Annoni &Miller,2016). It is guided in stages which include initiation, bargaining, and closure of the deal. Pragmatist decision-making is a skill that would easily guide a debate to a fruitful conclusion, where both parties are satisfied. A pragmatist decision-maker would question many cases and provide reasons why some things outlined will not work out. Persuasion is used in the brinkmanship type of negotiation where a person wants to fulfill selfish interests. The pragmatist style of making decisions is useful in a negotiation because it is manipulative. Manipulation is the breaching of communication, introducing a hidden course and often aims at misleading the hearer in a way or the other.

Pragmatist decision-making skills in communication apply in interpersonal in several interactions. Interpersonal situations involve how a person reacts to how other people in his working, environment seems to carry him. For instance, A pragmatist would stay away from a person or people who seem to be giving less value to his appearance or needs (Danisch, 2019). For instance, a professional who fails to be added in a list of people attending a dinner after a conference would think of never attending such conferences in the future. A conversation would be heard as sincere and true in discussions and lectures, due to assertiveness ad argumentive values

In conclusion, pragmatist decision-making affects how communication, is started and maintained, it shows the sincerity and assertiveness of a speaker. It is a tool of manipulation in a negotiation and can affect relationships in an interpersonal level of interaction.


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