Comparison Essay Example: Government Vs. Private Sector

Published: 2022-03-25
Comparison Essay Example: Government Vs. Private Sector
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It is without a doubt that the private sector outperforms the government in many activities. The private sector can accomplish activities cheaper and faster primarily because it has fewer bureaucracies, less corruption, and being motivated by profit incentive. Unlike the government, the private sector does not discourage productivity by spending on welfare benefits or crowding out the sector hence becoming more innovate. The government is inefficient because the provide public goods, make a huge investment in environmental protection, and regulate inequality in the society ( HYPERLINK "" PragerU). As a result, these social investments slow down important investment opportunities to make its operations effective.

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The members of the US Congress aim at making policies that improves employment opportunities, redistribution of income, and economic growth in the society. They use taxpayers' money and government agencies to ensure citizens are well cared for in the society. On the other hand, the government hires private aerospace companies to build NASA's rockets because of their efficiency (Zubrin). These private aerospace companies can single-handedly build their rockets to save NASA's billions of dollars and increase cost-effective investments (Big Think). Garvey challenged the country to decide between space program or jobs program because the government is spending too much money on employees, officials, and contractors that manage the rocket program rather than the space launch program itself (Garvey).

However, the government can outperform private sector in various activities such as education, justice, military, healthcare, and disaster relief. This is because these things cover a large number of population and can be well addressed using taxpayers' money than private investments ( HYPERLINK "" PragerU). The private sector cannot be trusted with these issues because they are critical and delicate in the society. In my opinion, the government should mostly focus on public-sector activities such as education, security, and healthcare which are at the heart of the citizens and leave other activities to the private sector.

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