Free Essay Sample on How Education Changes Llives

Published: 2018-03-11
Free Essay Sample on How Education Changes Llives
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A process of transferring skills, values, abilities, and knowledge from one person to another is known as education. In that regard, education gives a person meaning of life and it plays a better role in his social and personal life. It is also regarded as a social activity, which helps a person to follow right directions and has a clear picture of his life. In addition, education being a social activity, it helps in the development of a person’s personality. In such terms, without education, it is hard for a person to realize his personality hence facilitating the change of life. In such terms, education is regarded as a life transformer as it involves the following ways it is a World Peace, Reduces Prejudice, a long life, saves the environment and it is economic. Therefore, this topic will entirely cover how education has changed lives.

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In such terms, It has been argued that the world with people who are more Educated promotes peace always hence leading to a more peaceful and productive world. As compared to the world with uneducated people who do not know how peace should be promoted in the world. Their main work is to think about how to use force to get someone’s property for themselves instead of going out to work and look for it in an appropriate way (Burch, & Good, 2014). Education helps people to be more peaceful as they have the desired quality of skills, values, abilities, and knowledge to go out and explore the world as a way of making themselves financially stable. In that regard, they have no idle time like uneducated people to commit crimes. Always educated people to fight hard to build their country and make more productive hence resulting to an improved economy.

Educated people have less prejudice and they are more tolerant of diverse groups as compared to uneducated people. In addition, educated people tend to have the longevity of life as compared to uneducated persons. Due to that, educated persons have the longevity of life because they maintain healthy lifestyles and have the ability to access better healthcare. However, with uneducated persons, it is hard to access that hence shorter life. Educated people are environmentally conscious as they participate in conservation and recycling programs( Mertens, 2014). In such terms, due to them being environmental conscious it is easy to access clean water, food production increase, reduce poverty, and develop clean energies alternative. Nevertheless, without education, none of the above will be achieved because no one is conscious about the environment.

Education boosts the economy of the country as the personnel has the ability and skills to work. On the other hand, without education, the economy of the country always continues to worsen day in and out. Therefore, the future of the nation rests on the higher percentage of the educated population as they increase the country’s economic potential. Therefore, education serves different purposes such as the reducing crimes because an individual who is educated cannot be trapped with bad intentions as he has good qualifications, which can lead him/her to a better job and become financially stable. Also, a person gains confidence in his skills, and personality hence leading to a healthier society. Not only that, an individual with education is an added advantage to the family as a whole. It also helps in the development of the strong society, reduction of unemployment, and poverty levels. In that regard education generally, helps to maintain an individual’s financial and social life.


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