Free Essay: Google Publicly Traded Company

Published: 2023-04-05
Free Essay: Google Publicly Traded Company
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Google is a publicly-traded company that follows all rules that govern publicly traded companies, including making financial outcomes available quarterly (Acharya & Xu, 2017). The company notifies the public when material events come up. Every year, Google company has an annual report (10k), which highlights its successes (Acharya & Xu, 2017). This essay focuses on discussing the critical success factors of Google's publicly traded company and what the company requires to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

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Google Company Critical Success Factors

In Google, the periodic table is updated every two years to outline its success factors and to reflect the changes in the company's ranking factors, evolution in strategies, and emerging trends in technology (United States Securities and Exchange Commission Washington, D.C. 20549, 2018, p. xx). The most critical factors, as per the 2019 report emphasizes the essence of site speed, content freshness, backlinks, and user experience. Google emphasizes the importance of high quality, which is delivered to users in a structure that has an easily digestible format, and easy usage (Laszlo & Zhexembayeva, 2017). One of the main categories in the success factors is content, whereby, google has to get better at determining the authority of its resources, notably in verticals, where the administration is crucial, for instance, in healthcare.

Accessibility and technology for everyone is other factor. According to Google, information has to serve everyone and not just a few people (United States Securities And Exchange Commission Washington, D.C. 20549, 2018, p. xx). It strives to serve people both in urban and rural areas, by ensuring that it has fast speed, especially in rural areas where connectivity is a significant issue. Google has grown to be a very sophisticated company in its analysis of user experience, and its webpage offers that; this has been attained through the development of tools in the last four years that allow for showcasing of full web pages, in the crawling and indexing process, so that elements of the interface can be examined in ways that are similar to how human beings interact with these elements.

Another critical success factor is voice, whereby the voice search has brought forth many tactics that are critical now and have become increasingly prominent to be utilized in the future (United States Securities and Exchange Commission Washington, D.C. 20549, 2018, p. xx). Features of the voice include; snippets that give answers to targeted questions and content searched and grasp how distinct needs of users differ by factors such as day time.

Google company is aware of the fact that most companies get comfortable doing what they have always done, leading t irrelevance over time. Google has prevented this by acquiring YouTube an Android, and by launching Chrome, platforms that have advanced into significant grounds in digital video and smartphone devices.

What Google Company Needs to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Google company needs to train its writing staff in the production of high-quality content that is better than its nearest competitors (Laszlo & Zhexembayeva, 2017). The company should use more sophisticated machines in learning and in neutral networks, to make it easier for the company to grasp content on a conceptual level, other than matching precise words. The most significant way to solve problems of, for instance, site architecture, is for Google company to have better content; this can be attained through crawl ability, page speed, and page organization, which will ensure that Google can govern the degree of which it indexes content a person wants to index.


Google has grown rapidly as a publicly-traded company since its foundation. The company's growth gained through the critical success factors that have enabled it to gain a competitive advantage. Due to growth, google has expanded remarkably. Google, as a company, has invested in infrastructure, security, and management of information, alongside artificial intelligence and analytics. The company continues to enhance its strengths with aspects like contemporary development environments, migration, and tools used in machine learning that issue business-ready cloud services. Based on the vast digital experiences in modernization that are established in the cloud, Google Cloud has aided enterprises in taking advantage of the latest technologies, remaining relevant in its industry.


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