Paper Example. American Dream in Film Taxi Driver

Published: 2023-03-15
 Paper Example. American Dream in Film Taxi Driver
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The review captures the theme of the American dream in the film Taxi driver. Different studies have analyzed this theme from different perceptions. Dempsey begins the criticism of Taxi Driver, stating that its inspiration comes from the four-night dreamer of Bresson. Dempsey recognizes De Niro as the main character in the film. He brings in real life a brilliant conception with expert minimalism. The most crucial part of Dempsey's review comes from the end of the movie in the form of the infamous climatic. The study done by Ebert describes the character Bickle as one with very desperate needs. He also brings the element of alienation into the study. As he ends the review, he states that the climate ends in a musical form and not drama.

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The journal writing by Kilgore also gives a set of comparisons in the film the Taxi Drive relating to the theme American Dream. He reflects the struggle of every individual to fit into the culture of Americans (Kashyap 170). The film mostly focuses on the character of Travis Bickle. He strives and secures a job in New York City as a taxi driver. Bickle's character is lonely, which leads to his deterioration since he lacks the actual skills to interact with people and even join the society. He could not succeed anymore, and as the film ends, Bickle turns into a murderer. However, he is also seen as a hero. The character of the Bickle, as portrayed in the film Taxi Driver, is to act as a teaching to the ordinary viewer.

The lesson learned from the character of Bickle is to show the failures of a man who has a goal in achieving the American Dream using owns success or the success of other people but ultimately frails to do so. Throughout the film, Bickle strives to achieve the American dream. He shows his goal through personal success or freedom. Mr. Adams as well elaborate much on the American dream through his auricle in the New York Times. He emphasizes much on the ideal and does not concentrate on material goods. He defined it as a dream of a land where life should sound better for every man in the society having every opportunity in regard to what he achieves. The goals of Bickle directly follows the guideline of the American dream as expounded by Adams.

Travis Bickle believes with confidence that he can comfortably achieve the same by first fitting into society. He makes a significant number of attempts, trying to connect with different people just to provide in the community. Bickle wanted to find a place that can fit him, more primarily, as a taxi driver. According to what Bickle feels, he believes he can connect with people and be at peace than is be an ordinary citizen. He is confident that after fitting into society, he will get the fulfillment of himself. As the movie ends, Bickle chooses the vigilante role. He wants to operate in the street and do what get considered to be wrong.


In conclusion to this study, the theme of the American dream in the Taxi Driver teachers every viewer of the movie that losing hope in life should not feature in everyone's dream. Life sounds miserable when one loses focus just as Bickle did.

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