Essay Example on Global Warming Case Study of Australia

Published: 2023-04-03
Essay Example on Global Warming Case Study of Australia
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Global warming underlies gas pollution by a greenhouse, which leads to quick and direct changes in the planet. The temperature rise may lead to significant changes in the world's temperature, and the extra energy is responsible for feeding the world's climate. Australia is vulnerable to global warming effects, and the projection is between 50-100 years owing to its areas that are arid and semi-arid pressures on the supply of water, and the variable annual rainfall (Milman, 2015). Australia's effects from global warming vary from region to region, and their results are already being felt now, and it is projected to continue to worsen. Australia, therefore, is prone to a high rise in temperature that outstrips the warming rate experienced in the rest of the world by the end of the century unless greenhouse gas emissions are slashed.

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Projected Impacts of Global Warming in Australia

According to the Natural Science Agency and the Meteorological Bureau projections, Australia's temperatures are likely to rise throughout the century, coupled with an annual average temperature of 1.3 c warmer in 2030 as compared to the ones experienced in 1086 and 2015 (Milman, 2015). Additionally, the report says that the burning of fossil fuels, which is considered as business, as usual, will most likely cook Australia more than the rest of the world with a temperature increase of 2.8C to 5.1C BY 2019 (Milman,2019). Other findings of the report indicate that Australia's interior areas are likely to warm faster than the coastal regions. Similarly, there is a high sea-level rise in Australia by 2090 on failure to curb the emissions, and if the ice sheet of Antarctica were to collapse, the sea levels would be higher by the late century.

Moreover, the report projects a drop in rainfall after the increase in extreme rain. Worse still, there is likely to be an increase in the drought levels. As if that is not enough, the rise in temperatures is expected to cause a more significant number of days exhibited with the dangers of fire, coupled with a fall in the soil moisture.

The climatic changes in Australia, attributed to global warming, will lead to benefits like advances in Agriculture in Tasmania and low death levels on cold weather, albeit the negatives will overshadow the benefits. The adverse effects will stem from a rise in the number of deaths owing to the heat waves, challenges in the water resources, negative agricultural impacts, and the increase in seas that will pose risks on the coastal infrastructure. The excesses carbon dioxide absorbed would cause a drop in the PH levels of water, and the acidification would make it hard for corals to form the structures of a reef, which will subsequently impact the marine system. The land areas are also expected to warm faster than ocean areas. Consequently, the polar regions than the tropics and that would mean that Australia's location would lead to a higher rise in temperatures that the global average. The nation will warm faster than the rest of the world that would lead to the effects of extremely high temperatures, coupled with less rainfall, less snow, a rapid rise in sea levels, and constant fires.

Steps on Addressing Australia's Global Warming Situation

Australia should be prepared for the altered climate by putting consideration to the hospitals, fire planning, road infrastructure, and construction codes for the rising temperatures. Additionally, there should be a cut on emissions in the quest of aiding the head of climate change, as was discussed during the 2016 convention in Paris that discussed emissions reduction by 2020 (Hannah,2016). Other steps that have also been taken to curb the future effects of climatic change in Australia underscore taking action that reduces the emissions of greenhouse emissions by Australian communities, businesses, and landholders through the support of the Emissions Reduction Fund. The positive incentives provided help in the reduction of Australian emissions, reduction of energy costs, and the storage of carbon in the land. Similarly, the government also supports households in the installation of solar panels through the Renewable Energy Target in the quest for a reduction of global warming.


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