Google: A Super-Powerful Source of Information and Solutions - Essayy Sample

Published: 2023-10-27
Google: A Super-Powerful Source of Information and Solutions - Essayy Sample
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Google search is a web service that offers solutions and serves as a search engine and has great sources of information that make the company very powerful. Google operates in a way that they provide answers to almost all questions that we can ask. The company is the most popular search engine globally and has over 90% of all search engines (Hopwood, 2011).

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The company has a large amount of data stored in its servers and receives more information every day. Every type of information that you can think of looking for is available in Google search. Some of the ways through which Google gets to collect data is through Gmail, Facebook, blogs, and websites. Google can gather data from many sources and store it for the time when people ask for it.

One of the sources of information for Google is website crawling. Google uses individual software devices by the name bots and spiders to enter every website and gather information. The crawling process happens through the World Wide Web (WWW). This process works just like the way real spiders can move to anywhere throughout the whole web. For Google, the spider crawls across all the websites on the worldwide web and brings information to the company. Once the spiders carry the data, Google stores it in their servers (Hopwood, 2011). In the servers, Google stores the data in index format jut like real libraries do.

As soon as you search for the information from Google's website, the spiders go to another site to look for the data if it is not stored in Google servers. After delivering the report, Google indexes the data in the servers and finally ranks the information. Google is so mighty that it craws over every website in the world many times in a day. Therefore, the company can get information from the sites as soon as it is available.

Another way through which Google gathers information is through Gmail. Gmail is an emailing service that Google provides to people around the group, which has emerged as one of the most used email providers. The most significant competitors of the Google emailing company are Microsoft outlook and yahoo. As soon as you register with Gmail, Google gets information about your name, age, nationality, place of birth, gender, and mobile number.

Additionally, when we send messages through Gmail, Google taps the information and keeps it on their servers. The company can store everything you send through Gmail, including the PDFs and documents, and use it in case they need it. Through taping information, Google can gather data from most social media sites ("Google reportedly keeps tabs on the usage of rival Android apps to develop competitors," 2020).

Users themselves share their information to Google through keeping it in blogs and websites. Personal websites, school sites, college websites, and other websites make information available to Google. Therefore, Google gets information from almost all points where people and organizations store it online and form a rich source of information. The availability of extensive sources of information makes the company be able to provide any information that you search (Hopwood, 2011).

Google also uses click on search result to get information. As people search for information, various sources appear, but they only click the page that seems resourceful. Google analyzes the clicking behavior of the users. The company, therefore, the pages that people click most appear mostly on top of the list.

Google also collects information through Google adds, an advertising service that they offer to companies that wish to advertise their business. Once someone publishes an advert through the Google website, it stores the information in their servers to use in providing when users search (Hopwood, 2011). This method enriches the search engine with information that they can offer and, therefore, makes it continue growing. Additionally, the company also acquires the information it uses through licensed third-party data providers like Infobel of Europe.

Another source of information for Google is the G Suite, which provides services like word processing, spreadsheet slide work, and other document-making and viewing services. The service has many users and provides a significant amount of information to Google (Hopwood, 2011). Google also acquires data from the Google DNS service, which offers lookup service to many people. Through web browsing, Google gathers information from people who use Google Chrome as their browser. Many people accept and believe that Google chrome is a beneficial browser, and therefore, it has a significant number of users.

Another compelling service from Google is the operating software called android. Many mobile phones used in the world use android software. Google is, therefore, able to gather a vast amount of data through the operating software. Google also gets information through gathering it by using popular services that the company provides (Hopwood, 2011). Such services include Google pixel, Google assistant and Google Home, Chrome OS, Google finance, YouTube, Google translate, Google books, Google flights, Google maps, and other services. The company has invested in providing various services in a very convenient manner and therefore, can gather valuable information.

Google is an example of a firm that knows the meaning of the saying information is power. The company has become successful by consolidating and providing information to those who search it. The company gathers information in such compelling ways that they may be able to collect almost everything they want o know. Google can use the data also to make an analysis of the market and make informed market decisions. The great sources of information are likely to be why most products from Google are the best selling in the world.


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