Free Essay on the Goals of College Essays

Published: 2017-07-05
Free Essay on the Goals of College Essays
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Throughout high school and college, students are pushed to write essays. Many classes have a specific rubric to follow and many just let the students be free from tedious rubrics and allow the students to portray themselves instead of a rubric. Answering a question like "Do college essays serves their purpose?" depends on the person or even the professor. If a professor is asked they might state that it would depend on whether the student followed the directions. If a student is asked you may get a snide comment of no because that student doesn`t have the motivation or want to write essays. In my personal point of view I believe that essays are used for many different scenarios and all depends on the scenario. Many essays need a specific rubric that isn`t followed and that essay goes from an A to a C because of tedious mistakes. After that essay becomes a C that student may assume that their information didn`t reach the criteria and that the effort put into that essay was in vane. If it is looked at that point of view then I do believe the essay did it`s purpose. The student didn`t pay attention to the assignment and even thought the essay was an A that student received a C because they didn`t follow the instructions.

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I believe that what has been lost in essays is creativity. I remember as a child in middle school writing essays about anything. A paper for writing class could be about anything and that`s when my childhood like imagination would always come back and the stories I came up with would flow onto the page. In college we have lost the ability and art of creativity. College is all about doing and learning what needs to be learned to be able to start the career you have chosen to pursue. Society is forming robots of specific fields instead of citizens of a society that has the ability to think out of the box. I believe that essays serve the purpose that colleges want them to serve but then I believe college essays are not serving the purpose of society at the fullest potential that essays could.

Our society has been around for ages. We have learned from mistakes and we are now so far advanced in technology that a car will be able to drive itself. We have watched species of animals disappear from the face of the earth from our own doing. We are loosing so much land to make room for our growing society. At this time in our world I believe we need more free thinkers and people that can think out of the box to further our society to a whole new level of superiority. If college keeps forming students that come out thinking the same mentalities as their professors I believe moving forward will be difficult. I believe that essays are serving the purpose that is given when asked of the students to write them; but I also believe that essays purposes should be changed. Instead of a purpose formality why not give them the purpose of transforming. Make the students dig deep to put their opinions and ideas on paper. This is when true changes and transformations of people are made. When the thought process and ideas of a purpose are brought about them and they acknowledge these thoughts and ideas. This will be the time that society will soar further then we believed is possible. When people share their ideas and fight for them.

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