Free Essay on the Concept of Marriage in the United States in the Early 21st Century

Published: 2019-10-08
Free Essay on the Concept of Marriage in the United States in the Early 21st Century
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Yes I do is the common phrase that is used when people ties hands in marriage which are an indication of their present love becoming public and what is presumed will last a lifetime until death do them part. Holy matrimony commonly regarded as Wedding is a cultural convention in which two spouses comes together to declare their love and vows to stay with each other mutually taking responsibility of their childrens and living harmoniously with their in-laws. Marriage is considered more of a cultural and religious matter varying with different aesthetic with some allowing sex after the wedding. The defining moment of marriage is brought by reasons such love, financial, ethical and legal. The concept of marriage is currently based with a lot of controversial let call them waves of life with some of the surprising subjects coming into light such as legalization of gay marriage, age differences, romances, family relationships, divorces and adultery. The unconditional love like any other kind of growth is not relatively easy as the love bird are opted to have their hearts never be devoid of love since they will handle the burden of life together but that is not always the case in many marriages.

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There has been a drastic change in marriage from the traditional cultural concepts of marriage such as arranged marriage, forced marriage, children marriage and polygamy which have been terminated by the government rules. The current ideas of marriage include interracial marriage, the gay marriage which most societal havent fully accepted them into their life since with differences views depending on who is being questioned (Bramlett &Mosher, 2002). In the olden days kingdom usually solved differences by marriage each other by the differences between couples now seems to hike up to new levels with the little solution available to unity the sad souls (Staves,1990).

The romantic drama Pride and Prejudice movie produced in England is based on a book Jane Austen`s novel with the same title as movie published in 1813 and directed by Joe Wright. The film targets to address the topic of marriage its misconception and morality. Based on the 18th century a family based on a rural setting with five daughters with their mother role to find them a suitor to marry them for an avoidance of inheritance of their home by a distance cousin a sequence of issues arises which are adequately depicted (Tim,2005). The concept of marriage in that time is easily elucidated for financial reasons and environmental reasons which are comparable to the current marriage. The two souls which loathe each other for eternity are unable to resist the force that comes with the fire of love which finally consumes them. The role of the family in marriage and the sarcastic scandals that surround the development of marriage are central characteristic evident in the movie

Conrad is a leading anthropologist who is well known for his book Anthropology: Appreciating Human Diversity the book focuses on the cornerstone issues of diversity of human life bring them into the light of the day and well integration with student experience emerges (Kottak, 2011). The malleability of human nature across the time space and how is affected by different cultural practices and technological advances are the key concepts that tentatively handle. The adaptation and the metamorphosis that the views of marriage from the past cultural views to present warring circumstance are well tackle. How marriage is regarding children, care and reasons behind it are conclusively handle leaving us with a profoundly inspirational and respect to the whole concept of human beings.

Lastly, the movie purely shows the whole ideas of the beautiful matrimony of the two couples who have indefinitely fallen in love and ready to fight anything that may stand in their way current and future without giving up on each other. The concept of arranged marriage, financial basis of marriage and their opinion in terms marriage in the past and currently are viewed. Nothing but adoration on the inevitable changes and modeling taking place in the wedding, their acceptance in the society and feudal issue they face. Acceptance is the first step to tackling the whole concept which seems new to the olden mind and change has found us we got nothing but rolling up with it letting it define whole perspective nature of human beings.


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