Global Business Dynamics: Planning and Executing Successful International Meetings at Masai Logistics in Madrid

Published: 2024-01-20
Global Business Dynamics: Planning and Executing Successful International Meetings at Masai Logistics in Madrid
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The dynamics of planning an international meeting include the technicalities and logistics that will be required to make the meeting successful. The technicalities and logistical problems include:

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The budget to be incurred in organizing the meeting;

The subject matters to be considered in the meeting that will affect the Masai logistics international company (Long, 2016).

The role of the businessmen in supporting the Masai international company and the legal requirements from the Madrid government (Wood et al., 2017).

The dynamics of organizing an international meeting at the company headquarters in Madrid will be focused on the benefits that the company will enjoy from the meeting (Long, 2016). The company has to plan ahead to ensure that the problems do not affect the effectiveness of the meetings and that the company objective of the meeting will be achieved.

The parameters of the official meeting and the official visit at the company headquarters include:

Financing. The businessmen will discuss the role they can play in supporting the logistics company to help Masai Logistics access more markets around the world (Long, 2016). The company's vision is to become a global leader in logistics to support other businesses in buying and selling goods internationally.

The partnership between the government and the company. The delegation and company officials will discuss the legal issues that affect the company from the state represented by the minister (Wood et al., 2017). An agreement will be signed to deal with the legal challenges.

Negotiation of a business deal. The meeting will also discuss how the businessmen can partner with Masai Logistics to streamline their businesses in the distribution of goods to different markets around the world.

Taxation subsidy. Masai Logistics will negotiate with the government for a partnership plan that will see the company and the government that the minister represents will benefit. The subsidies should be given to companies that are struggling financially.

Culture negotiations. The cultural differences affect international business, both positively and negatively (Long, 2016). The negotiations will be based on the differences in cultures that do business between the two countries.

The preparation of a visit and the meeting is important, and it is the first phase of an effective meeting. The preparation stage involves the definition of what the meeting is all about (Havard Business Review, 2015). This is done through approaches such as brainstorming sessions. Masai Logistics has to ensure that they have formed a discussion topic, which is essential in ensuring that the meeting attendees get the value of the time that they will spend in the meeting. The second stage is the meeting's conduct, which is based on the agenda of the meeting. The meeting coordinator has to ensure that all this on the agenda is discussed and that everyone is given a chance to contribute to the meeting. This stage is followed by the closing of the meeting and the final phase, which is follow-up. The purpose of the follow-up is to ensure that the meeting served the intended purpose and that all the meeting decisions are implemented as agreed by both parties.

Being an official meeting, the dress code for the meeting is smart, professional attire. Mostly men wear a suit, and a tie and the ladies wear work suits. The formal dress code includes long-sleeved shirts, trousers, skirts, smart shoes, dresses, etc. However, bearing that this is an international meeting, the dress code will not be specified, but the attendees will only be required to dress professionally and formally.


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