Essay Sample - General Company Function

Published: 2023-04-20
Essay Sample - General Company Function
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HP is an American Information Technology company, mainly specializing in producing products ranging from computer systems to specific electronic devices. The computer system and the electronic devices may include but not limited to data storage devices, networking components, software, personal computers, and digital assistance, professional, industrial and enterprise servers, imaging products, desktop computers (Nagali et al., 2008).

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Location of Operation

Hewlett-Packard company's headquarters are in Palo Alto, California, United States. The company was founded on 1st January 1939 by William R. Hewlett and David Packard (Nagali et al., 2008).

Size of the Company

Currently, HP has fifty thousand employees. Hewlett-Packard's total assets amount to thirty-three point four six seven billion US dollars ($33.467B) at the end of January 31st, 2020 (Guide Jr et al., 2005). In addition to that, the total cash at hand on January 31st, 2020 amounts to four point five three seven billion US dollars ($4.537B) (Guide Jr et al., 2005). Alongside that, HP's total liabilities for the quarter ending January 2020 amounts to thirty-four point six billion. The shareholder equity of HP amounts to $-1.193 billion, an 86.7 increase yearly (Guide Jr et al., 2005). HP also makes a profit of more than two billion US dollars annually. The company operates in more than 170 countries across the globe (House & Price, 2009).

Title of the Leader

The current President and Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett-Packard Company are Enrique Lores.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Leader within the Company

Enrique's skills range all the way from digital manufacturing, personal systems, and 3-dimensional printing. Enrique is an accomplished and multi-faceted leader. He is spearheading the company's management in personal systems and printing and transforming the company's operation to provide quality services to its clients (Packard et al., 1995). Enrique's time after time surpassed the company's peer set mainly by focusing on how to differentiate Hewlett-Packard innovations and the evolution of business models within the company. That included the acquisition of Samsung's Printers acquired in 2017 while fostering outstanding ecosystem partnerships such as Canon and Xerox (House & Price, 2009).

Enrique was also involved in the differentiation of the company in 2015. He s oversaw that the company successfully separated the management office. He was greatly involved in transforming the company's cost structure while streamlining the organization and he also created the capacity to innovatively invest to increase generated profits and bottom-line growth (Packard et al., 1995). Enrique was also the General manager of HP's commercial PC business, Senior Vice President of worldwide customer support and services and also the Senior Vice President of worldwide sales and solutions.

Leadership Style

Enrique uses a strategic leadership style to lead HP company. For instance, he is profoundly entrenched in the company's values and he also an advocate for the company's sustainable impact strategy, bringing into line business and societal desires (Guide Jr et al., 2005). Enrique has led HP's obligations to sustain the environment and consistently drive the efforts which positively influence people and communities around the globe. Enrique is a determined leader who believes in sturdy team building and people empowerment (Nagali et al., 2008).

Additionally, Enrique also spanned the company's personal systems, print, industrial and service business across the globe. He also led to the separation of the company successfully without the company incurring any losses (House & Price, 2009). Enrique is determined to make the company customer-focused and digitally-enabled in order to lead with innovation and execute with purpose.

Leadership Theory

Enrique exhibits behavioral leadership theory. The trait is exhibited since he is motivated to make life better for everyone, anywhere while fostering sustainable development in communities. Other than he is also a multifaceted leader i.e. one who is having many sides. The multifaceted trait allows him to execute his expertise in different environments.

Is this Someone who you Admire?

Enrique Lores is really admirable since one he is multi-faceted. This is because he posses very many skills in a variety of fields ranging from digital manufacturing, 3-dimensional printing and personal systems. He is also self-determined since he joined the company as a mere intern who made progress with time. A couple of years later, he was appointed the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of the company's Imaging, Printing and Solutions business. Other than that, he also led several leadership posts during his 30-year career in HP company.

Enrique is also admirable since he is a passionate, purpose-driven leader who is believing in teamwork and people empowerment. These traits are not common among many leaders and thus making Enrique a unique and outstanding leader. Alongside serving the interest of the organization which is making profits, Enrique is also spearheading environmental sustainability ensuring that the environment is not polluted. He also puts up more efforts to ensure a positive impact on people, the planet and the communities around the globe at large.


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