Essay Sample Comprising the Communication Research

Published: 2018-08-20
Essay Sample Comprising the Communication Research
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Spoken language can help to learn the emotions of the other person

Talking is a critical aspect of our day to day lives. If people did not talk to each other, the earth would be a boring planet. All our daily activities are centered on talking. Our businesses, schools, and other sectors cannot succeed if people do not talk to each other. That is to mean that people cannot live without talking. The aim of this essay to explain why people talk and expound the argument to support the stated reasons

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One and the most important reason why people need to talk is to learn (Anthony n.p). However, spoken language is a good way to learn as opposed to books. With spoken language, an individual can learn the emotions of the other person. One can identify when the other person is happy, sad or depressed. Thus, when people talk, an individual understand the emotions of the other person as rather than when books are utilized in communication. Books do not clarify information which is not clear and this is why people need to talk to each other. In spoken language, when a person does not understand what the other individual is saying, clarity can be sought.

As far as learning is concerned, people also need to learn more about ourselves. By being able to talk about oneself, one reveals on who they are (Klosterman 11). Every individual has strengths and weaknesses. Thus, an individual cannot know his strengths and weaknesses if he or she does not talk to the other people. We also need other people to learn from the good traits which we possess. People cannot live without learning from each other. We are who we are because of learning from others.

Forming relationship

The other reason why people talk is to communicate (Klosterman 33). Communication is vital in our lives. However, we need other people to communicate because information becomes meaningful when it is shared between two or more parties. An idea is not when it is not shared between two or more people, and thus, people need each other to make ideas more meaningful. When it comes to communication, there are various reasons as to why people communicate. People communicate to express their feelings because without talking, an individual cannot express what he or she has in mind. Additionally, in Eating the Dinosaur, Klosterman argues that we talk to know more about things and knowing fewer things makes an individual less intellectually happy (Klosterman 48). Without talking, people would not find out more about many things such as inventions. When people invent new ways of doing things, they share their ideas through talking, and thus, people could not live without talking to each other.

The last reason why people talk is to form relations. People need to form relations because of the need for inclusion, control, and affection. Forming relationship with other people also helps in sharing ideas. When an individual is in a dilemma as a far as making decisions is concerned, the person seeks ideas from his close circles and this why we need relationships (Anthony n.p)

In conclusion, people cannot live without talking to each other. As discussed above, people talk to learn, form and maintain relationships, and also to communicate. Since talking governs human relationships, people should understand the importance of talking to each to each other and focus on maintaining positive behaviors that others can learn from them. Additionally, people should always learn how to communicate effectively to pass their information or persuade others to do something.

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