Free Essay about Attendance and Punctuality at School and Work

Published: 2017-10-31
Free Essay about Attendance and Punctuality at School and Work
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School attendance correlating with work attendance is a significant way in that students who are always late at school are in many cases also late at work. Have determined the relationship between childhood practices and adult practices, the linearity of behavioral traits in childhood is very close to that of work-related behaviors. In the early developmental stages in institutions of learning, students are imparted with the discipline to attend school at the required time. Lateness in school was highly punishable in many academic environments, students who were constantly late were either punished, or their parent is requested to come to school to explain the reason for this trend. In the university students tend to manage their own activities without the need of s supervisor, class attendance was paramount, and punctuality was carefully monitored. Class attendance and punctuality are behavioral traits that define an individual. People who are always late at work and do not keep time end up being a nuisance to the organization and in most cases, they face insubordination or are usually fired.

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Attendance and punctuality are critical to all sects of life apart from class work and the workplace, hospital check punctuality, picking and dropping kids to and from school, shopping and other aspects of life require individuals to keep time (Sleigh & Ritzer, 2016). Attendance in class reflects to an individual’s aptitude to come to work on a daily basis, this level of dedication can be mastered through the observance of a strict routine. Work attendance is paramount in many work places around the globe, employee absenteeism or constant lateness is never condoned in many organizations. Technology has provided a mechanism such as biometric scanners that record the time an employee gets to the office and the time they leave the office. This mechanism helps managers to monitor employee activities, and in the long run, they will catch up with employees who are constantly late.

Attendance and punctuality are traits that need to be developed at a young age for many students as in the long run these habits would be useful in the work environment (Sleigh & Ritzer, 2016). Studies conducted have shown that individual do not change their habits, in most cases, they only worsen. Individuals who are known to be common culprits to late coming in school also display the same behavior at work.

Team Work in Classroom and in the Workplace

Team work is the aspect of collaboration and cooperation in the completion of an assigned task. Class room teamwork goes into meeting the objectives of a class session such as assignments and project activities. Students are encouraged to engage teachers and fellow students into the meeting of these set objectives. Collaboration and team work goes along the way from the classroom setting to workplace environments. It is important to note that individual who are keen in teamwork activities tend to achieve more in a shorter time frame that lone rangers (Mulvahill, 2016). In the workplace collaborating with fellow employees helps to create an environment of open learning and consultation which is the pillar of a successful team.

Classroom team work helps students to develop the cognitive insight of the importance of fellow students. Students learn the division of labor and efficiency creation at a tender age if teamwork and collaborations are encouraged in learning institutions. Research studies indicate that teamwork is a key ingredient to the successful execution of responsibilities assigned at the workplace. An individual’s ability to work with a team dictates their success at work and in everyday life. Workplace collaboration is one that encourages employees to participate in team work in order to hasten the achievement of the said goals at work.

An individual’s ability to work with a team is highly dictated with their personality and attitude towards people (Sleigh & Ritzer, 2016). In a classroom setting, teachers are able to group students into teams where they are able to analyze the performance of each group member. Introverted students are taught on the need for collaboration and engagement, once they see the importance of these skills, adoption becomes relatively easy. Team work aptitude at work comes from the aptitude while in school, it is important that individuals learn to work with other people in order to achieve the seeming bigger tasks into simple tasks.


School performance and job performance correlate in a big way, the ability of a student to learn from teachers, conduct extra studies and handling of assignments correlate with the way they handle tasks at the workplace. Punctuality and attendance in school and in the workplace relate perfectly as these behavioral traits are developed at a tender age. The completion of assigned tasks at the office environment is much more the same as the handling of class assignments. Individuals who were able to submit their class assignments on time are most likely to be aggressive enough to submit their work within the organization with ease. Team work and collaboration should be fostered at a tender age as great performers at the workplace are the best team players.


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