Free Report - Addressing Teen Drug Abuse: An In-Depth Analysis of an Informative Internet Resource

Published: 2024-01-02
Free Report - Addressing Teen Drug Abuse: An In-Depth Analysis of an Informative Internet Resource
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Internet resources play a crucial role in providing information critical to the topic subject or any aspect that has become a subject of discussion. Though the internet has many resources that provide information to readers, such resources must be considered for their credibility level, relevance, reliability, and accuracy. This is essential as far as the use of the information contained in them is concerned. The case of this resource, “National Institute for Drug Abuse for Teens” found on the site (, meets the qualities of a good resource. This is because the resource is based on a government-supported website since the National Institution supports it on Drug Abuse (NIDA). As a government-sponsored website, one can be sure that information relayed through the site is authorized and reliable even though it may not be accurate. However, on the accuracy, such information has a significantly high accuracy level.

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Similarly, this is an essential resource because there is a strong link between the sponsoring agency (NIDA) and the topics being presented. For instance, the resource on this site is about the issues of drug abuse and teens, how teens are affected by the drug menace, and the role of parents in helping teens overcome the use of drugs. Similarly, the resource provides teachers with important information on educating teens on the use of drugs, its effects, and consequences (National Institution on Drug Abuse, n.d). It is empirical that there is a lot of relevance between the sponsoring agency of drug abuse and the focus on teens, especially on drug use and its effects. Thus, the resource is more relevant, considering that drug use has increased in the recent past, and teens are the most vulnerable group. Since the resource provides crucial information to help curb the menace, it is the best internet resource that serves its purpose. Besides, the resource is useful since it focuses on various relevant groups and stakeholders concerned with the problems of youths and drug use. It is, therefore, possible that these groups can easily access and find this resource useful to them.

Additionally, the layout of the resource is captivating, attractive, and simple. The layout is captivating and attractive because pictures are drawn to be used to support the readers when they need to navigate to various areas. For instance, teens can easily spot pictures of boys and girls in their teenage age to know that the site has the information they want to read about. For the teachers and parents, pictures are used to illustrate areas with information that might be useful to them when they visit the site. This gives the site its validity, visibility, and flexibility qualification in that people of different understanding levels and capabilities can use it with limited difficulties. On the simplicity aspect, one visiting the site can quickly notice the arrangement of the various navigation areas that are named based on the information contained there. The visitor does not have to read all the content before getting to the information they want. Instead, they only need to click on the area they are interested in (teens, teachers, and parents) to get the relevant information. Thus, the layout gives this resource some unique features that make it easier to use by any reader.

Lessons to be learned

The content of this website is valuable, relevant, and significant to addressing drug use among teens as one of the biggest problems society currently faces. Therefore, I am in agreement that the website is critical in addressing the important lessons to be learned, especially by the stakeholders. Three groups are the center of focus of this website and form the basis that the site is addressing. They include the teens, teachers, and parents, and each is provided with relevant and detailed information that offers them important lessons amidst the struggle to limit if not end drug abuse among teens (National Institution on Drug Abuse, n.d). Drug abuse is indeed a major concern that has called for the attention of every individual. The website provides these critical stakeholders with the needed data and information to use and learn how to go about the issue.

The website addresses the value of lessons to teens for them to learn. The fact of the matter is that the use of the drug is harmful to the body of any human being unless such a drug is described for medical use by the medical practitioner. These effects of the drug on the body range from biological, physiological, mental, and even social. One of the most affected parts of the body, when a person abuses drugs, is the brain, which extends into affecting the brain functionality and may eventually impact other body parts (National Institution on Drug Abuse, n.d). The effect of the drug on the brain and its functionality is the main focus of information for the teens on the website. This means that teens reading through this website and navigating through their specific area will learn more about the harm that drug abuse is likely to cause them and decide to stop this abuse.

Despite being titled for teens, the website extends to address more valuable lessons to be learned by the teachers and the parents as well. Teachers are often the people who spend much of their time with teens at schools and access many materials about drug abuse and its effects. It, therefore, becomes easier for them that this website provides them with additional relevant information which they incorporate to educate teens on the dangers of drug abuse (National Institution on Drug Abuse, n.d). Significantly, teachers will obtain up-to-date information that has been empirically studied by scientists from leading universities, some of which replace the old aspects of drug use and effects. Thus, the website offers various lessons to teachers on emerging issues about drug abuse that need to be incorporated into the already available information.


Finally, the website offers lessons to parents on the same aspect of drug abuse, considering that they are the immediate people to the teens who are the most affected group. Most parents, when they find out that their children are abusing drugs, they lack what to do to stop the habit or help their teens get over the same (National Institution on Drug Abuse, n.d). Some have often ignored the drug abuse habit simply because they lack information on the harm they are likely to cause to their children. Through this website, parents can learn of the steps they can take once they discover drug abuse among their teens. Similarly, through this website, parents become aware of the effects, especially on the brain, that these teens may suffer and find ways to address the same. Thus, the website addresses various lessons to be learned by the three groups as far as drug abuse among teens, and its effects are concerned.


National Institution on Drug Abuse (n.d). NIDA for Teens. National Institutes of Health Resource

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