Free Paper with the Presentation Sample: The Disconnected Perception of the Universe Is False

Published: 2022-11-04
Free Paper with the Presentation Sample: The Disconnected Perception of the Universe Is False
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Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that we are all connected

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Thesis: The disconnected perception of the universe is false, the universe has a connection and it is important to understand the link to it all.


Attention Material: As I observe each one of you looking at me or around this room at the occupants and all of the objects, what do you see when you look around the room? I see each and every one of you looking around to find a potential connection.

Orienting Material: The information I am sharing today will help change your perspective of this reality we call life.

Tie to Audience: It is true that we do see the universe everytime we open our eyes even though we are not aware of the vast potential within us.

Credibility Statement: Humanity could have not existed without the connection to the universe.

Thesis Statement: The disconnected perception of the universe is false, the universe has a connection and it is important to understand the link to it all.

Preview: In the earliest times of humanity- first, came fire, and then came steel. It was not very long before we started to ask some big questions: Who am I? Why I am here? Where did where we come from?

(Transition) Let us take a glance at the disconnected view of the universe.


I. Main Point 1: When I speak of the connection we have with the universe, it may sound like a platitude to many people.

With the advancement of technology, it has helped us to connect to all points of the world.

However, technology seems to disconnect us from one another and allowing people to take advantage of distance to say hurtful statements to one another behind an electronic device.

Albert Einstein predicted the world would be far from disconnected in a physical sense as a result of technology (Nova, 2003).

Technology has caused fear, anger, and isolation resulting from war, violence and tragic news stories that form news headlines

The media has even made things worse by having highlights like; us against them, you against me, danger and disaster lurking around every corner.

So many people are compelled to watch the spiteful stories

Our world is in frantic, and it is getting worse by each day

We race through life so quickly taking in disconnected message fragments from all over with no voice, heart or context.

According to Turkle (2012), we have lost to the one thing that matters to each other, we remain disconnected while pretending to connected. We have trouble staying connected to the ones we love, let alone the rest of humanity.

(Transition) Now that you have got the understanding of the disconnected view, let me now take you through finding the connection.

Main Point 2: There is fear, isolation, war, and theirs peace beauty of the world we would want.

How we connect with the world changes our experience

According to research by Nassim (2016), there is nothing in the world that can completely be isolated.

The universe spins, planet spins, and even the atoms in your body spin.

There is a flow of energy around you, and there is a flow of energy inside of you.

In Nassim Haramien's film, "The Connected Universe", he explains that how he spent his lifetime trying to find the universal key to everything (Nassim, 2016).

The only way in which he could have understood the unified connection was for his to make a keen observation of most of the things.

Looking carefully at the natural world, Nassim found high levels of geometry, interconnectivity, and interdependence in all things which makes the entire system operate in a balanced manner.

Nassim Haramein is the first person to determine the connection in the universe after thirty-five (35) years of trial and error. He submitted his research to the library congress, and they accepted his quantum and cosmological discoveries right away (Nassim, 2016).

(Transition) Now that you understand that everything is connected, let us explore how we are connected.

Main Point 3: When we first gain consciousness, we tend to learn to take information from all around us.

Most of you receive your information from each other, and now our handheld devices are abundant sources of input.

Our brains have a feedback loop of gratitude, positive thinking, and good deads, and so does the universe.

There is credible evidence of the existence of all things functioning together demonstrated through research done by various people.

We have almost infinite choices of what messages we consume and what you are focusing on matters a great deal.

Our thoughts are not only imprinted on the universe but they also profoundly affect how we experience the world.

The gift of consciousness is the ability to feel the beautiful moments of life, and it means we feel the unbearable moments.

As we all age, we realize the good times do not last forever, and neither do the bad times.

We can learn to shift our focus to change our experiences, by changing what we put in our feedback loops like gratitude and positive thoughts.

Gratitude and positive thoughts can build on each other by creating an upward spiral by connecting with people and nature because each one of you has the connection of the universe hence you can overcome anything in life.

As individuals we are powerful, we have more control when we "dance" together and we can collectively focus that energy.

"You're in a steady, cosmic dance with the universe," Haramein continues to say, "human beings can remodel themselves and as a result transform with the universe." (Nassim, 2016)

(Transition) We have covered the interconnection with all things in this life big and small and we have realized that for every action there is a reaction.


The signal of End: For my final validating fragment.

Summary: When each one of you starts to realize we are part of something much more significant than our existence, hopefully, the negative feeling of being alone would go away and be replaced with the sense of belongingness in the universe. Being alive and capable to experience the interconnectivity with all things changes your view. Our awareness, our love, joy, and gratitude matter because these emotions impress upon the very fabric of knowing we are not alone.

Restate Thesis: Now that we covered the disconnected view, The disconnected perception of the universe is false, the universe has a connection and it is important to understand the link to it all.

The clincher: Each one you has a new understanding of your relationship you share with the universe. The great poet Rumi once said, "Stop being so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion." (G. 2001).


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