Tech Era - Free Essay for Students in Need

Published: 2022-05-02
Tech Era - Free Essay for Students in Need
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Technological advancement has today come along with numerous contributions to the present age discourse. According to research, digital technology today is inevitable especially because technological connectivity today acts as the essential medium for social interaction. Digitization, however, has brought distinct effects for instance by making enormous transformative improvements specifically in the tone used on the present-day discourse through the pronunciation of traditional intellectualism within the radical information disbarment and technological embracement. It is due to a digital conversation that we get to witness a significant change in the way people present themselves beside the impression people aspire to express to others.

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It is factual that the management of impression presentation on any given social media platform tends to reveal a false character presentation with the sole aim being to stay passive to other people on the social media platforms. Technology advancement today comes along with numerous advantages in distinct settings. For instance in this case, when it comes to the modern day discourse, new technology has significantly brought about various changes to the traditional dissertation. It is in this digital age that people get to read the daily news from online platforms, use of tablets for reading books as a replacement for paperbacks, sending text messages in place of written mails also use more time on social media websites. Technology, therefore, plays a significant role in today's society considering its vast extent of use be it book reading, or rather conveyance of text messages rather than electronic-mails to connect with their loved ones.

Something that makes technological advancement valuable is the means in which people use technology as well as the amounts of time spent on it that is for example on social media platforms. It is factual that the society today is more of addicted to technology especially considering the magnitude to which people are increasingly joining and using Social media platforms day by day. One of the most common ways through which we use technology today is communication with family and friends via social media. A broad aspect of impression management stands out today that is whereby a substantial number of people furthermore get disposed to the influence of perceptions of other people about an individual, object, or event. Facebook and Twitter standout as the top two most prevalent social media sites through which people communicate with other people globally in addition to posting what is on their mind.

The tenacity by which we use social media is diverse in a case for instance for different age groups, for example, the young generation tends to use both Twitter and Facebook for dissimilar reasons matched to elder adults. Personality besides Culture play a significant role when it comes to impression management. For example in the case of college students' when it comes to self-presentation on Facebook, adherents from collectivist cultures tend to post more to please their audiences than people from individualistic cultures while extroverts shared more about them, unlike introverts. In any interviews, some students might state that if any adverse event happened or rather a trend issue on online platforms like Facebook or round the globe, they as well could go ahead on to tweet about the matter on twitter.

Most participants, however, might allege using Twitter to share and vent views or instead to share posts from others or on sizzling topics. People might as well purport using Facebook to remain updated on other people lives alongside communicating with other individuals. Therefore, there exists a key dissimilarity in the posts on both Facebook and Twitter as well as impression management.

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