Free Paper Sample on Turbomachinery

Published: 2022-07-19
Free Paper Sample on Turbomachinery
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Summary 1

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Energy transfer in turbomachines occurs from the continuous flow of fluid in the rotor. The learning outcomes involve the likes of the Euler turbine equation which relates to the kind of power that gets added or removed from the general flow of the fluid. The comparison also incorporates the different characteristics of a rotating blade row. Fluid momentum has three components during entry and exit which are torque tangential, axial as well as radial directions. The theorem of the moment of energy says that the tor on the rotor is equal to the change rate of the fluid moment of momentum as it goes through the runner.

The velocity diagrams in the radial flow and axial flow involve the absolute velocity produced at a point on the rotor, relative speed that is from the flowing fluid and absolute velocity of the liquid. The three vectors get arranged to generate a velocity triangle which can do on any turbomachine (Wilson, & Korakianitis, 2014). The outlet blade angle results in three possible outcomes whereby they could curve forward, backward or make radial arrangements. Increase in the flow rate of the pump leads to rising of the ideal head when the blades are ahead curved.

Application of Euler's turbines equation is in rotor blades where it is used to calculate the swirling kinetic energy from the fluid flow and helps to reduce the energy levels consumed during the process generally. During the energy exchange process, there is the development of sign convention between the positive angles below the axial direction and the negative angles above. The energy transfer process occurs under high pressure in the nozzles.

Summary 2

Energy transfer is made possible by fluid flow in the turbo pipes and into the rotor. The machines have an output shaft where the process takes place. The procedure is that mechanical energy from the fluid flowing in one axis to another leads to changes in speed and torque that then result in power transmission. The fluid element in the rotor does the main work because it gets displaced from one radius to another which equals the energy held or lost in the process. Turbomachines are in the high-speed flow, and the changes in speed lead to energy transfer.

Velocity triangles consist of several vectors which are the absolute velocity from the fluid, the linear blade velocity, relative velocity produced by the fluid when in contact with the rotor, and flow velocity among others. The analysis also includes fixed angle and the guide blaze angle. The outlet blade angle consists of three possible orientations which could be in the forwardly curved arrangement, backward curved or even radial (Berthoul, Batailly, Stainier, Legrand, & Cartraud, 2018). In the case of forwarding curve blading, the linear blade velocity is lower than the relative speed in the rotor. Blade linear velocity equals relative speed during the occurrence of radial edges. Increase in the flow rate of the pump results if the ideal rising of the head when the edges are curved forward.

Application of Euler's equation is to all kind of turbomachines. These include the likes of wind turbines and gas turbines. The axial flow machines also make use of this equation as well as energy consuming devices. For most turbines, the comparison is usually unfavorable, and for pumps and compressors, it is positive.


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