Free Paper Sample on Success Redefined

Published: 2023-12-25
Free Paper Sample on Success Redefined
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Depending on one’s background, success is defined differently. Some, if spoken out, will seem unusual, maybe even absurd. The fact that we are all brought up differently and come from diverse backgrounds, coupled with the apparent truth that we all do not think alike, the view of success differs even further (Lavigne et al., 12). More often than not, parents and family members have been known to disagree with their children’s idea of success, leaving children pursuing careers they do not love. The achievement of success makes the life of a person better. Does this justify the parent’s actions?

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Influence of Time

The influence of time on success is truly profound. A popular view of success is the ownership of material and monetary wealth. Over time this status has remained the same. Sure, the invention of new commodities over time has altered the things people consider important. Things such as power, influence, money, luxury living, and status quo continue to reflect the societal view of success. The undeniable truth is that this sometimes creates unhealthy pressure on people.

Plans made do not always work out as they are laid. One may desire all that is presently considered fancy and still not own what they desire. Does that imply that they are a failure? Self-pity and possibly self-loathing follow after failing to own certain materials. No person deserves to spend the only life they have in anguish caused by culturally infused thinking.

Happiness is the simplest and quite frankly, not intricate meaning of success. There is a great feeling that overwhelms someone after accomplishing a task; that is happiness (Bostock, 28). A sense of success is unquantifiable. To some people, the laid-out standard of success, when achieved does not include happiness. Well, that is entire because they were not true to themselves. People’s heart desires are present for a reason. They are part of the chemistry that makes a person unique. Adhering to another person’s view of success is surrendering that uniqueness.


There is a reward for success. For instance, the life of an artist who is only starting out. Making art means everything to him. It is the source of beauty in his life. The artist makes the decision to share his art with the world. The guests at the gallery fail to buy a single painting, and what is worse, they criticize his work. It goes on to happen severally. Is the artist successful? A debate emerges as to whether the artist should consider materialistic endeavors and choose another line of work or focus on the fulfillment of making art (Bostock, 35). The goal was to make art, not sell it. He did attain success.

Validation as a measure of success. Recognition builds the confidence of a person. However, it should not be turned into a sought for validation (Lavigne et al.,21). Human beings hold opinions for various reasons, including malice. Doing something for the right reasons despite praise should be the primary concern. Criticism comes with the territory of being true to self. The important thing is to pay keen attention to is whether it makes one happy. Notwithstanding, personal happiness should not be at the cost of someone else’s. A person should not be discouraged by criticism and negative remarks. A person owes it to himself to do what he loves for his life is his own to live.


Comparisons made unknowingly in our day to day lives have shaped the idea of success. Scoring an A in a test is termed as a success while a D is considered otherwise. Performing to the best of our capabilities should account for success (Whitehall et al., 32). What if the D student gave his true best? The effort invested does play a role but so do our gifts, which are unique to everyone. The results attained, whatever they may be, after performing a task with dedication and the happiness that follows, is a success.

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