Characteristics That Describe Me - Personal Essay Example

Published: 2019-07-18
Characteristics That Describe Me - Personal Essay Example
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Getting to know one's own characteristics and personality is one hell of a task. At the beginning of it all, you keep asking yourself many questions including who you are, what you like to do and so on. However, it gets easier as time goes by because of the interactions we make and the daily activities that we get involved in. Over time, I have come to know my personality through my friends and family who keep commenting on my behavior. Up to this point in my life, being honest, caring and optimistic is the typical me. These characteristics of mine are very helpful to me when it comes to avoiding trouble, being a source of inspiration to the people around me and keeping focus.

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There are incidences that we often get involved in, and that might be pretty unpleasant. Many people always opt to bail out of tough incidences by lying. I personally find lying as a very crude means of trying to solve a situation because, to me, it will only create further problems and trust issues when the truth comes out later. When I was in high school, most of my friends would at the beginning of each new term, dupe their parents of money by giving the wrong fee of the fees required. They would use the extra cash to buy fancy stuff like fashionable dresses at the end of the school session. I decide to pull the same trick on my parents, but they ended up finding out the truth from my school website. Because of being dishonest, I wasnt visited for the whole term. You are guessing right; I decided to keep to my character of being honest up to date.

The caring bit comes in when I cant help but notice when people around me seem sullen and disturbed. I am good at talking people into believing that things will be alright and helping them in any way possible. There is this particular friend of mine who literally runs away from me when she feels disturbed. The thing is, she believes that she can do much better in relieving stress on her own rather than having me by her side. She must be such an introvert, right? My own mother often tells me how she feels so settled even when she is far away from home, as long as I am home. She is always rest assured that, everything will be taken good care of.

My optimism helps me a big deal in staying focused on what I intend to achieve. Challenges dont easily sway me. Folks frequently ask me how I manage to stay so calm even when things seem to be falling apart. Though I dont always expect everything do end up well, I do not give up until I am certain that my efforts are not worth anything. I have come to learn that, the only way I say focused is by being optimistic that things will work out.

A persons character is basically built up by his/her actions, behaviors and attitudes. The above three characteristics are definitely not the only ones that describe me; they are the ones that stand out for me. Other characteristics that make my day to day life worth living include; having patience, being adventurous and persistence.

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