Essay Sample on Robert Frost: Poet of Motivation and Influence

Published: 2023-06-26
Essay Sample on Robert Frost: Poet of Motivation and Influence
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Motivation is knowledge of yearning or a dislike that you want to do or have something or avoid doing or having something. Different people are motivated differently depending on their interests in life. In several cases concerning Robert Frosts' motivation or influence is illustrated in his biography as an author. Robert Frost was a writer in the field of poetry, which was known as one of the highest prolific and motivational poets for his pastoral poems. However, Robert Frost was also influenced by the events and emotions of his own life. Some things would not seem to have meaning to most people, but Robert Frost happened to be of significant influence (Fagan). Robert Frost's individual life had a high impact on the poet's sentimental expression as he had to face losses more often in his life and more of financial difficulties. Too much deep emotions and many losses made him be persistently in the state of anxiety and disparately change of his general boldness to live.

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Robert Frosts' popularity was brought about by his simple themes as a poet. His motivation as a result of the ability to get inspiration out of nature and replications of his times. Robert Frost was used to the urban way of living in his early life as a young boy. He later moved to rural areas and environments where he was quite fascinated. Robert Frost wrote concerning his pastoral world interest upon the publication of his composed poems, making it one of the vital subjects in poetry.

His poetry was more often in rural compared to the city, as it was believed to be a symbol of an individual taking rise from personal and private writings to getting out to its public appeal and practice. His poetry was undoubtedly a reflection of his own experiences in life. Robert Frost did not express the beauty of the pastoral setting only as other poets did according to the traditions. Still, he was motivated by the original word conflicts known as the contradictions among the urban and the rural way of living.

His poems were mostly characterized by inspiring the style through the customary meter's contrary to normal speech rhythms. In his writing, the main aim was to enhance the meaning and develop literature with vocal gestures. Robert Frost was also influenced by other poets such as Rupert Brooke, Robert Graves when they met abroad, and he also established a friendship with Ezra Pound, the poet who him to publish and promote is work.

The Road Not Taken

Robert Frost's eminent poem "The Road Not Taken," perfectly reflects the integration of the themes on man's relations and search for authoritative philosophical messages and meanings. The same poem also reflects a substantial philosophical theme of a person who is expected to importantly choose between the norms of the society and the generally accepted choices and choice that is not much explored (Faggen). The essential theme of the poem concerns every single person globally, as every individual is to make such a decision.

It would be either a reflection of a personal alternative or a generally recognized view and position. The poet uses the term "Road" to show the choice of an individual in deciding which way to determine the ending of ones' journey. An individual's decision will also determine the result of their objectives and aspiration (Schroeder). Robert Frost decides to proceed with the path that was "verdant and desired to wear." Indeed, the road that was less traveled could more difficult and fascinated with a lot of unexpected turns and also obstacles.

There is less information concerning this kind of way because it's not many people who have tried to take it. It is known to be a less traveled road since Robert Frost was the only poet who chose it to make known of his personal and individuality struggle. He decided to follow the less traveled road because he was not able to abide by the traditional values of his society. Robert Frost was forced to choose only one path as no traveler can choose two roads at the same time (Schroeder). Therefore, the poet supposed that no person could make two choices at a go regarding any tangible objective in life. Every individual is to keenly think and rethink before making decisions to give their final choice, facing the penalties of choice later.


In general, Robert Frost is known to be one of the incomparable poets. His work continues to influence, motivate, and bring about meaningful understanding not only in the rural area but in the modern world as well. His poems impacted the lives of the readers in a significant way as the content of almost every writing is concerning his own experiences in life. Through Robert Frost's poems, many people have learned how to make decisions in matters about their personal life. The poet was influenced by his own and social miseries and encountered a high point. Nevertheless, he was able to overall the challenges and finally attained his goals and objectives as a poet. Robert Frost's ability to bring together the common themes to his experiences and personal life attracted many readers globally made his poetry endless.

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