Free Paper Sample on Significance of the Poem If by Kipling and Hindu Wedding Rituals

Published: 2023-11-02
Free Paper Sample on Significance of the Poem If by Kipling and Hindu Wedding Rituals
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In poetry, the poem IF by Rudyard Kipling addresses the tribulations and victories associated with life (Academy of American Poets). The poem advises people to keep focused and not lose their heads, temperament, and patience, while other people lose theirs. The poem asserts that if an individual can deal with both sides of disaster and triumph handling what others turn into despicable lies about them, the person will be able to deal with all the things the world directs towards him or her.

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Marriage rituals is a crucial attribute in transitioning roles since it is associated with rites of passage. The Hindu weddings in particular encompasses several stages which ensures the two partners who are considered compatible create an everlasting relationship. At the ceremony, the duties and responsibilities of a householder are explained (Prinja). The wedding entails the most extensive personal rituals a Hindu adult undertakes in their lifetime. The customs associated with the ritual are continuously upheld as it signifies a new beginning for the newlyweds.

Evolution of Prose and Business Ethics

Prose, as an element of literature, has evolved majorly from the ordinary language. In prose, 1790 marked the end of informal, colloquial, and low strands of written English with gentrification and multiplication of the middle-class strands of British English (CSULB). The gentrification activity involved moving away from orality of the written language to more literate (CSULB). The evolution occurred due to the onset of print culture, high prescriptivism in dictionaries and grammars, feminization of culture, and the new rhetoric of 1748-93 emphasizing on sensibilities and politeness of coming up middle class (CSULB). Ordinary language has continuously grown and adapted with better words that reflect the culture and society. It mirrors the sophistication in which ordinary human life interacts with technology.

There was a notable shift in business ethics in the 1960s due to the companies beginning to adopt social responsibility which focuses on being responsible to the society by making the world a better place and eliminate individualism in employers (Depersio). In the period 1970s and 1980s, scandals related to defense contractors were highly publicized in the Vietnam war and increased the sense of tension between the workers and the employers (Depersio). It led to the government implementing strict policies which governed the defense contractors and organizations created contracts focusing more on values and less on rigid compliance.


Thus, the popular management philosophy shifted from total authoritarianism to more collaborations and working with equality. The decade of the 1990s was associated with the start of environmentalism, where hunk food manufacturers and Tobacco companies faced a lot of scrutiny and lawsuits of public health consequences (Depersio).

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