Free Paper Sample on ACADIA's Vision, Mission, and Values

Published: 2022-08-01
Free Paper Sample on ACADIA's Vision, Mission, and Values
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The mission is to be the best pharmaceutical health organization committed to the enhancements of innovative medicines which improves the patients' lives with disorders in their central nervous system.

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  • We are committed to improving lives. We are the center of attention for our patients and their families.
  • We are all equal. We believe all results and ideas are improved and attained through collaboration.
  • Mutual trust, integrity, and respect are our foundation
  • We don't follow the conventional thinking, but we challenge it.
  • Overcoming problems is essential to our culture. We don't give up.
  • We are focused and get things done. Excellence is the outcomes of our perseverance and expertise.
  • We are committed to our work and demand results.


  • To be recognized and known as the health leader and featured by our common
  • Sensitivity to an Understanding of our patients
  • Application and actual integrated application of the current practices of psycho-dynamic, psychotherapy and psycho-education
  • Cooperation and Engagement with the organizations and persons working together for the patients' benefits.
  • Dedication to improve and enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of the community.

Directional strategies are useful in today's public, private and social organizations since they offer the context for making informed decisions. Communicating and maintaining directional strategies the function is the function ACADE's Board of directors. Vision, values, and mission are periodically evaluated to reflect the environment, both internal and external environment, and the rapid speed of change.

The current mission, values, and vision of Arcade pre-date vision 2010. Some of the current statement date to 2001. By this resolution, the Board invites the delegation to commit and delegate to the revised vision, values and mission and assist communicate and explain all these to members. The currently updated statements are simplified and shortest to ensure that Arcade's components, members, staff and specialty organizations support and share a common set of vision, values, and mission. The updated statements will also be applied in all the communications with the community, the press, sponsors and alliance organizations.

Topic ARCADE's directional strategies: Vision, Mission, and Values

Purpose; Offer the statement of the organization's context and purpose for making an informed decision

Addressed to; ARCADE's staff, members, healthcare community consumer and providers.

Originator; ARCADE's Board of Directors

Approved by: 2002 House of delegates

Date: September 2ND, 2002

Whereas, ARCADE's Board of Directors have developed the above mission, vision and values statements to direct and guide its decision making and thinking. Generally, the direction strategy of the Arcade Company fit the environment. The environment is aligned with directional strategy put in place.

The organization has occupied the pre-eminent function in shaping and improving the living standard of the people and in enhancing the healthcare of the people. The organization is a profit-making firm. Like many other business firms, Arcade healthcare is confronted with a lot of problems both from the task environment as well as the general situation. To counteract or face these challenges the healthcare strategists ought to develop approaches to improve the productivity and the performance of the hospital. Executives need to develop new strategies of competitive advantages and adjust the rules and regulations of engagement. They need to visualize the path of developing a unique competitive advantage.

The executives must form strategy whereby they transform and reshape the structure of the industry and not just the in reorganization. They need to search continuously for tools that will boost their employees Morales to deliver the best strategies and face the competitions. Meanwhile, the existing literature focuses on the directional strategy particularly the mission statement as an important tool to be used by the strategist to enhance the employee motivation and improve the productivity and the performance of the organization.

Prahalad and Hamel (2014), coined the phrase ''strategy intent'' which offers the intellectual and emotional energy for the company journey. Strategy intent means a significant and valuable stretch for the company. It has three attributes namely, discovery. Direction and destiny. It insinuates a certain point of view about the competitive position or long-term market that an organization hopes to develop over the coming years. Therefore, it communicates a sense of direction

It insinuates a certain point of view about the anxious future, which gives the employees a chance of reaching out to the new competitive environment. It shows a sense of discovery. The intent has an emotional edge to it; it is aimed that employees view as worth. Therefore, the intent insinuates a sense of destiny Prahalad and Hamel (2014) opined strategic plan is as much as establishing the direction as well as creating meaning for employees. They reiterated that the strategic intent ought to be personalized for every employee.

To personalize the strategic intent, it is important to set up problems that attract every person's attention in the next capability to develop a strategy. Problems are milestones on the paths between the present and the future. Challenges give the employees the power and energy to the company competitiveness.


Prahalad, M, and Hamel, S. (2014). On taking the alternative route: Risks, rewards, and performance persistence of hedge funds. Journal of Alternative Investments, 2(4), 6-23.

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