Free Paper Sample: Contemporary Issues in Project Management

Published: 2023-12-11
Free Paper Sample: Contemporary Issues in Project Management
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Achieving an organization’s objectives and realizing improved productivity and increased organization revenue requires the recruitment of potential employees with the required abilities and attitude. The recruitment process usually involves identifying job vacancies, examining job prerequisites, evaluating different applications, screening, and nominating the best (Evans, 2003). The application of best recruitment practices guarantees successful recruitment free from interference. Besides, they warrant consistency and compliance in the whole process of recruitment. However, in the contemporary business community, many executive recruiters mostly resort to poaching employees from their rival companies causing more contention (Evans, 2003). Whether the practice of poaching employees is ethical or not continues to rave. However, as the company owner, there are numerous ethical considerations to discuss with employees and the CEO, and ethical guidelines to put in place to ensure that the company remains legally compliant when the executive recruiter considers employee poaching to get potential employees from our rival companies.

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Executive recruiters are always permitted to reach out to desired competitors' workforce. However, there are some ethical considerations that must be factored in during the discussion with the CEO and coworkers on the viability of using the recruiter’s service. Firstly, it is unethical to focus the company’s recruiting efforts on obtaining passive employees while spurning capable and qualified applicants responding to the company’s job advertisements. Secondly, another ethical consideration has to do with our own employees. Being that employee poaching may seem fine, our company will not be comfortable when current employees job hunt or respond to other organizations' inquiries while working for us as this exposes the company to a state of vulnerability due to possible information leaks rendering the company weak and ineffective. Thirdly, the company will consider if it has business relationships with the targeted competitor as it will be unethical to poach employees from such business partners due to an already established trust. Lastly, it becomes unethical to misrepresent the company’s opportunity as potential employees will certainly realize the intention causing permanent damage to the company’s reputation and the perception of our organization.

In the case that the company considers using employee poaching techniques from the executive recruiter to get on board the three scientists, the following ethical guidelines must be in place. The executive recruiter should not surpass certain limits when the negative consequences of poaching the three scientists outweigh the potential benefits. The executive recruiter should consider the existence of non-compete agreements between the targeted employees and their employer. Additionally, the organization will encourage the consideration of employee referral options as it is a more ethical method of employee recruitment. The executive recruiter needs to contemplate finding a balance between being effective in recruiting the prospective candidate and being ethical to retain trust trustworthiness of the organization. Finally, the executive recruiter should not only restrict himself in recruiting the three scientists from the organization’s competitors but should consider high-caliber job applicants who have the right experience and skills needed for the job and can prove to be more valuable.

To ensure that the organization remains legally compliant while considering the recruiter’s service, the CEO and the executive recruiter should look for the existence of non-compete agreements between the targeted employees and their initial organization. That way, the organization will be certain if the three scientists are legally permitted to work with their competing organization due to the risk of information disclosure. Additionally, as an employer, consulting the organization's legal team prior to contacting competitor’s employees will assist the organization in comprehending repercussions the company is likely to face for deliberately hiring employees subject to a non-compete clause.


Evans, N. (2003). Business Innovation and Disruptive Technology (1st ed.). Financial Times Prentice Hall.

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