Free Paper: Interpretation of the Literary Text, "The Lady with the Little Dog" by Anton Chekhov

Published: 2023-12-29
Free Paper: Interpretation of the Literary Text, "The Lady with the Little Dog" by Anton Chekhov
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The book "The Lady with the Little Dog" started skewing it differently to address certain marriage issues. Anton Chekhov wrote the text The Lady with the Little Dog, which includes a short narrative concerning an adulterous man presented as falling in love with a married woman depicted as miserable. The woman was known as Anna Sergeyevna. The two people establish one another, especially in lonely moments, and quickly get engaged in an affair. Both the man and Anna end up saying goodbye soon when Anna has to return to their home due to her husband’s sickness. The text shows Gurov describing women as an inferior race, although he confessed that he felt considerably comfortable with women as opposed to how he felt with men. However, as the narrative progresses, the opinion of Dmitry is seen to change.

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The Lady with the Little Dog presents how love impacts an individual extremely and has the ability to transform perception concerning the world and overcome the fears of people. In the text, the protagonist is Dmitry Gurov, a native of Moscow who visited the Yalta to escape life in his home area. It is open that he depicts dissatisfaction with individual life since he explains it such that it is boring, thus making him unhappy with his wife. He describes the wife as a tall and erect woman with dark eyebrows, dignified, and stately, and regarded herself as intellectual p. 506). Besides, he perceives the wife as having restricted intelligence, dowdy, and narrow-mindedness, and admits to fear her, such that he does not like being around the home. Further, Anna finds herself vacationing in Yalta alone, alongside the dog. While at the place, she anticipates her husband will join her very soon at the place, although he falls sick and cannot visit the resort. Dmitry identifies Anna first as she walks her Pomeranian along the boardwalk. Immediately as he managed to see her, he looked for ways to engage in talks with her. The first step was playing with the pet dog at the resort where they both dine.

The two had known one another for two weeks and quickly shifted from mere acquittances to becoming lovers. The perception of the reader is that Dmitry is a bored man, and Anna experiences a similar issue. They were all bored with the kind of life they led in their marriage back at home. The text is used to depict Anna as experiencing depression and not a happy lady since she does not show affection and love for her husband. She is presented as a flunkey, and she depicts very little regarding the husband. It is also shown that Anna does not even understand the particular organization where her husband works. When she met Dmitry, she considered him a phenomenal, kind, and high-minded man, although he confessed to himself that he had appeared to deceive her in the absence of her knowledge.

Anna establishes her passion, especially in the presence of an entirely strange individual, very fast since she perceives the man as what she lacks in her current husband. Dmitry initially describes her as a beautiful lady with lovely eyes even though she is a timid, pathetic, and naĂŻve woman. He described her as an individual who grows weary quickly. While they had only a short experience in a love affair, Anna received a letter from her husband that said he had eye issues and asked the wife to return home quickly. Anna left the restaurant fast, and she said goodbye to Dmitry. They thought the moment represented the last time they both would see one another.

The text presents Dmitry referring to women as an inferior race, although he still exhibits a comfortable life with women when compared to how he relates with men. Besides, Dmitry believes that he is not in a position to stay air alive in the absence of women. Chekhov makes it open that the character of Dmitry perceives women as objects and takes gender for granted as a way to show little respect and value for women. The story also presents clear arguments that Anna was always thinking about the world with Dmitry and how she fell strongly in love with him. However, Dmitry perceives her as a person who belongs to an inferior race.

Across the love affair with Anna, Dmitry is able to recognize the mistakes he made and the repercussions associated with the actions. However, he did not realize that he had fallen in love with another woman, Anna until her husband called her back home. Dmitry finds it hard to stop thinking about her even when at his home in Moscow, and he also dreams about her often. Initially, Dmitry used to think about Anna, although soon, he started to think about individual memories with her daily. He used to see her when he shut his eyes as though she would be in the flesh, and she appeared lovelier, tenderer, and younger. Anna seemed to appear to him in the evenings from the bookcase, from the corner, from the fireplace where Dmitry would hear her breathing and caressed clothes’ rustle. The other makes it appear quite obvious that he had fallen in love with Anna, and one could say that he behaved in an obsessive manner with thinking about Anna. He soon leaves his wife, where he informs her that he is away on a business trip, although his idea is to look for Anna from her hometown. Anna is surprised at seeing him. She is worried and stunned that individuals are likely to perceive her as talking to Dmitry, although they profess their love fast. She orders him to leave to avoid people from noticing them, although she vows to visit Moscow again.

Initially, the illicit affair between Dmitry and Anna seemed to have little emotional depth. The two lovers did not have any idea that would describe why they fell in love. It is observed that Dmitry experiences and shows a drastic amount of transformation in merely a few months when he meets Anna. He did imagine that he could love any woman, but he truly loved Anna even after meeting for a short time, even without his understanding. Even though both Dmitry and Anna appear hooked in their marriages, they both have secret lives where they could find happiness. The transformation of Dmitry, especially from a jaded sly womanizer to a very caring lover, Is attributed to the extreme love he had for Anna.

The love for Anna revoked Dmitry the generalizations of women, therefore changing him into an honest person that Anna thinks he has been. Even though the two feel guilty behavior for the love affair, they all manage to avoid the shame and proceed with their meetings. For instance, Dmitry overcomes fear, such as finding true love, and he ultimately finds his morality and does not exhibit generalizations against women. He initially lived a life that he used to look down upon the abilities of women. There were various roles assigned to women and men in the past, but the modern world has transformed how we live. In addition, it is observed that Anna managed to overcome the fear she had, particularly of her husband, to look for the affair. Ultimately, she managed to address the world and face everything since she could be ashamed of the marriage issue, among other arguments. Love issue is a crucial matter that influences many individuals, even those already in marriage. It may fail to work while in marriage and experience disagreements or lack of attention. People are likely to find lovers outside of marriage, as seen with Dmitry and Anna. They even proceed with the vice.

The two lovers are compelled to ensure they reexamine their views concerning the worded to the worded condition they face. When the text started, the participants found it challenging. Dmitry does not appear to be emotionally connected with his lover, Anna. The reader was briefly introduced to a different field. As the relationship between Dmitry and Anna saw evolution phases, he started to call her by her name, an attempt that led to things becoming individual. The result is that it showed the growth of their relationship. Dmitry has a higher level, just which side? Anna is the only name presented in the text since she is the woman Dmitry has been in a place with numerous studies.


Development can be in the form of physical or behavioral effects that show the change to and present the theme of true love in the text. The initial encounter with Anna saw Dmitry have a love affair with her, she later returned home, and they continue to remain in touch and for their affair. The text also presents Dmitry as a changed man who evolves based on his character. He starts to grow older, particularly in personality and appearance; he starts to perceive the world from a different perspective. He also started seeing in a different way; he was exhibiting his love for her starting from the first encounter. The development is applied to ensure they back a theme that includes true love in the text since Dmitry is depicted as having grown over other women such as Anna.


Chekhov, A. “The Lady with the Little Dog”

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