Essay Sample on "Creating Lives" Signature Assignment Project

Published: 2023-09-28
Essay Sample on "Creating Lives" Signature Assignment Project
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On that cold summer afternoon, Ryan Stormberg sat on his backyard, letting his mind reflect on the events in his life. Farming had been his family's source of income and his source of income, and he had become a part of it. He watched as the new settlers assessed his land, picking a stone and throwing it in the river, smiling at the end of the happiness that Ryan's and Mari's family only knew existed. Growing up, he had experienced the comfort of farming times, of his community, and of land customs. Encounters that were enhanced beyond the surface and which accounted for reality.

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Part I

On this day, the memories of Ryan Stormberg’s early life in the 80-acre ranch where he, his father and brothers, spent their lives in the early 1800s came creeping back into his memories. In the days at the ranch, he particularly had fun with friends, went to school, and usually assisted his father with looking after animals on their farm. Ryan’s family left Mexico in 1782 to establish a fresh lifestyle in a foreign nation. Ryan’s family created a new life in New York until 1804 when they moved to the family’s farming land in Tennessee to take care of their children.

On days like these, Maria would escort Ryan to the afternoon walks, but today, she was filled with distress. She desperately needed to talk to Ryan about all the good things they had experienced in this new farm, but she could not. Maria had to let Ryan be to give him space to have the last breath of good air of this beautiful farm. Ryan was aware of Maria's presence, only that he wanted time alone to reflect on the days before all these happened.

Ryan and Maria had moved to Texas six years ago after the Mexican Revolution to farm their land. This farm in East Texas was a bit bigger than Ryan’s father farm in Tennessee, and Ryan was fortunate to obtain a farm near the River. A lot of disputes had taken place between the United States and Mexico since its independence in 1810 (Hyslop, 2019). These included strict enforcement of tariffs on American goods by the Mexican government and closing of the American border by the Mexican government that had brought uprisings among people in Texas but none of these had resulted in such War like the one that was happening now.

Part II

The Mexican-American War and the Anglo-American Conquest had forced everyone to struggle for survival. It was just 15 years after the Mexican revolution (Hyslop, 2019). The period of the Mexican rule in the Northern frontier of Mexico, including; Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California, did not last long. Immediately after the revolution, Mexico had encouraged settlement by individuals from America. The new government held the belief that the industrious farmers and ranchers would help establish Mexico into a prosperous nation. The Mexican government had granted individuals in America land, and they would learn Spanish, obey laws in Mexico, and convert to Catholicism. in addition to these, immigrants who married Mexican women would obtain additional land and citizens in the United States that married Mexicans were granted Mexican citizenship automatically (Foos, 2002).

These policies intended to have an implication on attracting industrious setters from America. By 1830, Anglo-Americans had outnumbered Mexicans by a percentage of more than 60 out of a hundred (Foos, 2002). Despite that in West Texas there were good relations between the Anglo Settlers and the Mexican people, and that mixing of races was a norm, East Texas had distinct encounters. Anglos, who lived there, did not want to assimilate into the Mexican culture. This was particularly hard for couples like Ryan and Maria since Maria was white, with Ryan being a Mexican. The Americas in Texas did not want their children to speak Spanish or consider themselves Mexicans. Following the Texas Revolution in 1836, which resulted in bringing Texas into the United States, America and Mexico went to War in 1846 (Hyslop, 2001). By 1848, the United States had won, and Mexico had to surrender its northwest territory in more than 940,000 square miles (Foos, 20020. In 1848, America had signed a treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that established current boundaries between Mexico and the United States (Foos, 2002). America had agreed to grant citizenship to all Mexicans that resided in America until it decided to ignore the provisions of the treaty and left it in the hand of the states to decide whether or not Mexicans in the new territories would-be citizens.

Ryan and Maria had tended their farm in harmony, and initially, they did not bother to care about whether they lived under the rule of America or Mexico. It is only recently that they had begun to realize how Americans looked down on people of Hispanic origins and how Hispania's tried to resist. Acts of terrorism existed against the new government, and most Mexicans lived in hopes that Americans will be driven away from Texas; this, however, was harder based on the strong United States military (Hyslop, 2019). It was noticeable, the worse relations between Hispanics and Anglos in Texas. Ryan and Maria were one of many couples who were getting disposed of out of their farmland. Generally, Anglo-Texans were extremely hostile towards the Mexicans. Within a few years, Ryan noticed that all Mexicans under American governance were becoming isolated and segregated racially in their homeland. Disorganization among Mexicans could hardly influence the situation at any great length. Those like Ryan, who attempted to resist, were hardly enough and lacked resources. It was this particular afternoon, the afternoon of 1865, when Ryan, deep in thoughts, was disrupted by gunshots within the area. “Maria! Maria! Get the kids and hide!” Ryan wailed.

Part III

Based on the historical Mexican-American War and the impacts it had on Mexican settlers living in Texas and other states, the page by the U.S History, "The Mexican-America War," adds more details to hoe America conquered some parts of Mexica (U.S, 2020). In the document, outlines how the War that broke out against Mexico in 1846 saw them outnumbered by the United States army, and how more volunteers joined in the fight (U.S, 2020). The document's purpose is to outline the Mexican-American War and the fights towards securing some parts of Mexico by the American government.

The author seems to be paying attention to military events, without departing from the narratives with one unifying principle of the author's concern with the impact of a strong state on certain policies. I understand the author's perspective through the way he outlines his texts including; "Meanwhile, Kearny led his troops into Santa Fe in August in 1846, making the governor of New Mexico flee", second, "Polk directed the war from Washington" and thirdly, "the Whigs of the north complained bitterly about the War (U.S, 2020) . My character operates from a worldview of peace and prosperity. from the author’s notes, it is evident that the document outlines the effectiveness of War in securing a region. My character would not agree with War at the expense of peace, but if need be, he will fight for his people.

Part IV

Ryan faces the ethical dilemma of defending his society and people against the race that his wife Maria belongs to keep his farming land and nation. At one point, Ryan is contemplating killing and fighting the soldiers in the United States to obtain his freedom of farming the land and existing peacefully with the other white race. On the other hand, Ryan needs to step aside, take care of his family, and avoid War that might result in death or severe tragedies.

My character, Ryan, has to deal with the loss of his farming land and country to the government and people of the United States. Based on the War, the economy has been affected, and farm produce has burned in some fire outbreaks. Ryan has had a beautiful family and source of income on this farm, but now, he seems to be losing everything. To Ryan, farming is central, and he has grown with and in it. The Mexican-American War is directly affecting the happiness of Ryan. This is because, in history, no mass killing, especially of civilians, can leave any humane happy, both killing of American soldiers and the discrimination based on race and killing of the people of the Mexican race.

Part V

Ryan, being a Mexican, has decided to respond to the ethical dilemma of War and unhappiness by fighting back the American soldiers. He responds this way based on his love for his people and his land. In Mexican culture and society, the family is one of the essential elements, especially outside of the cities. in Mexico, families incorporate Mexicans who are very conscious of their responsibilities to their immediate family members and extended family, including close friends. If Ryan remains seated and fails to fight, he will be harming his family, friends, and society. Most Mexicans who live in rural communities play a significant role in defining the country's collective vibrant community.

In terms of civic responsibility, Ryan is an active participant in the life of the community through the way he remains informed and focuses on peace as a common good. Ryan understands that essence the role of any democratic process in ensuring freedom from hunger, poverty, and respecting the dignity of everyone. Ryan respects fairness, social justice, and difference and wants the Mexicans and Americans to exist in harmony without the racial divide. Ryan, however, has experienced racial discrimination whereby, the Mexicans are denied equal rights with Americans in their land. He is experiencing economic marginalization since the War has resulted in most Mexican farmers lacking an equal voice in the economic system through the allocation of profits and collective bargaining. Social marginalization is visible through Ryan and Maria losing their farming land to new settlers of American descent, and Ryan losing his traditions, customs, and ways of living through the introduction of a new way of life by the American government.

Part VI

My character has a type of ethical thinking guided by utilitarian principles, also called principled reasoning (Kelley & Elm, 2003). This understanding of self is what guided his decisions during War. Ryan is concerned for the needs of the entire group of people and wants to ensure that the laws and rules established to serve the greatest good of each person. He decides to fight for the happiness of his people and family based on internalized universal and family background principles of equality, justice, and human dignity. These principles have guided Ryan's behavior and have taken precedence over the laws of American society.

Also, historical events have altered his decision making. As discussed previously, many issues were encountered between the Mexican and American governments (Macris, 2010). Still, none was as bad as the War that led to the conquest of Mexican cities by the United States. Based on the peace he already encountered through farming on the land in Texas, Ryan wants to remain in the same state and is worried about the impact of adverse changes to himself, his family, and his Mexican society already versed in the norms of the land. In this era, where farming was a significant source of income, Ryan wants to cling to it and lacks any alternatives than to get involved in the fight.


Foos, P. (2002). A short, offhand, killing affair: soldiers and social conflict during the Mexican-American War. Univ of North Carolina Press., S...

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